Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

You damned, wretched year,

Are you a foreshadow of what is to come,

Or some grand finale of lies and misery?

Look at all you did,

You hated the poor,

Burned the hills and valleys,

Took Kobe and his little girl,

Hurricane after hurricane

Flooding where it isn’t burning,

Mistreated the children,

You deny people of color

Their God given right to matter,

You killed hundreds of thousands,

You are the banner year of Trumpdom,

No one will be sad when you are gone,

We must wait to breathe free again,

Take him with you when you go

2020, we will not miss you,

Nor him,

Not in the least,

Devil be gone.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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