3 Easy Things That Will Make You Happier

They’re simple and everyone can do them!

1. Make your bed. It took me far too long to learn this one; or actually to relearn it. My mother demanded beds be made as soon as we got up. I quit doing it once I left home. It’s an easy thing to do and as crazy as it sounds, this habit makes a world of difference in one’s life. It’s life affirming.

It’s such a little thing. But it’s magic. A wise friend taught me if you make your bed as soon as you get up, you’ve already accomplished something early in the day. Moreover, you’re subconsciously letting yourself know in a powerful way that you deserve smooth covers, a fluffed pillow and and a neat place prepared for yourself when you retire for the day.

Even if you only have a blanket and not a real bedspread, duvet, or whatever, smooth your blanket, make your bed.

You will think more of yourself in such subtle ways that you may not register the subconscious improvement, but believe me, you will be happier and more confident if you make your bed every day.

Just make your bed. You’ll see.

2. Don’t complain. In order to complain you must focus on what you’re unhappy about. Complaining just magnifies it.

Think about the happiest people you know. I bet you can’t remember them complaining about anything. No one is going to think more of you or see you in a more positive light if you are whining and complaining about everything that bothers you. No one is going to fix it for you.

Quit your bitching. It’s not a good look on anyone and it seldom does any good anyway. A much better course of action is to change whatever it is you’re complaing about.

If you can’t change it, what good does it do to complain about it? Save complaints for your doctor and anyone else who can actually address your problems. Just random complaining to friends and coworkers is going to make you a drag to be around. You look whiny and weak when you spend a lot of time complaining.

Just keep it to yourself until you’re in the proper place to address it, or address it yourself. You’ll find the things you complain about magnify if you focus on them. In the same way, whatever you are upset about will diminish in power if you stop dwelling on it and continually giving it legs by voicing it.

Just don’t complain. It doesn’t help anything.

3. Be thankful. If you aren’t religious, be thankful to the universe, your parents, your kids, the sky, the earth, or whatever.

If you believe in something, give thanks for what you have. We take so much for granted. If you don’t believe in anything, be grateful anyway.

Years ago I started to give thanks for my comfortable place to sleep. I’d lay down and then I’d think about how nice it was to have a warm and safe place to sleep — or a cool place if the weather was hot.

I’d think about the people all over the world who don’t have a good place to sleep. Right now I think a lot about the Syrian people gathered at the border of their country hoping to be admitted to Turkey. They’re cold. They’ve lost or had to leave everything. The adults have to watch their children hungry, cold, and afraid.

Personally, I am thankful to God, because I’m a Christian. For some reason I am blessed with comfort and know my children and grandchildren, too, have warm beds and plenty of food. I don’t deserve my comfort and that of my loved ones one bit more than the Syrians and others in desperate situations. Yet, here I am.

So I am thankful.

As you slide into bed and under the covers, be thankful you have that privilege. Not everyone does. Be grateful for your bed as you fall asleep. And the roof over your head, too.

As they say, count your blessings.

Then get up tomorrow and immediately make your bed as you start another day.

You will become a happier person just because of following these three rules.

Just make up your bed, don’t complain, and be thankful. Simple things sometimes have the biggest impact on our lives.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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