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Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

Free Verse — but not recommended for those who are depressed.

(Trigger warning)

Depression is hanging around

Hello, old dark nemesis

I hate you so much

You’re here again already

Messing with my thoughts

Making me think

Or maybe even realize

It is all loss from here

Nothing but loss

One thing after another

All the winning has been done

And now it’s just loss and losing

My winning days are over

I can’t do what I loved to do best

Which I did well enough to show off

Doing the stuff I did better than most

Ah, I was good at some things

I had a few gifts

And many…

My daughter will pay all her life.

My daughter is a recovering drug addict. She’s been sober for over two years now. But apparently, she is to suffer for the rest of her life, along with her children. Indirectly her dad and I will suffer, too. Because it is unlikely she will ever be able to have a career that pays enough for her to earn a living. The only way for a woman in her situation to live in this screwed-up country is to find someone else to support her. She will need to become someone’s dependent. Because there is no opportunity available to her right…

If it does, I'm right there with you. My mom is 22 years older than me and healthier except for dementia. I think and fear she may outlive me and/or that my life will be shortened by the stress of caregiving. I hear you and thanks for sharing. It helps to know there are so many others, thinking and feeling the same things.

A very nice home…for ghosts

Nice of you to meet me here to see this amazing home. Yes, it is in the historic district, and the house is a true Victorian. The price is quite reasonable and it’s well within your price range. It needs a little sprucing up, but it’s a beautiful home and was built to last.

It’s been vacant a while. No one has lived here since, uh, the tragedy with the previous owners.

Well, yes, it was a murder-suicide, but Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood were very elderly and she was very sick. …

Doing it gracefully is another.

How did I get so damn old? I was in my thirties — it seems just the other day — and I could do anything! I mean anything. I was a 5'3" police officer. I could leap tall buildings…well, maybe not. But I felt like I could. I could damn sure arrest people a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier. I meant to be a strong chick like that forever.

Then I was in my forties and even my fifties.

I felt great. And you know, I’m going to go ahead and say it, I looked great, too. Although, I…

We can, and I agree with some of what you said. I usually agree with everything you say! So criticizing it was new for me. And I myself once wrote about cops' wives keeping me from getting a police job in my youth. They were nasty bitches.

But I once never disagreed with much of anything, since I was an overweight and timid, kid. As an older woman I've found myself (more or less), paid my dues, and I'm anything but shy.

You are right about her influence being dangerous to women and causing harm. I don't like her either…

What about dangerous white men? They are the real culprits of the world as far as I'm concerned. You're pretty hard on this woman and I get the feeling that nothing she says is going to do anything but rub you the wrong way.

Why do Democrats always eat their own? Ex.: Cuomo

Why do women-doing-well attack each other with such ferocity?

We truly are our own worst enemies --my party and my gender. And neither is anywhere near being responsible for the mess we're in.

I can't either.

This is a excellent analysis.

Cotton is from my state, Arkansas. He is almost as dangerous as Trump and I honestly don't know who would be worse for the country.

God forbid any Republican become president for a very long time.

Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable piece.

This is the most important story I have read this week. Having caused insurrection and continuing its attempts to sew hatred and division in this country, Fox should not be allowed to continue unchecked.

I'm in support of freedom of speech, but I'm also in support of freedom of information and if Fox is to continue as it is, it should be required to run a banner stating what won those multiple lawsuits.

"This network is for entertainment purposes only and does not use factual sources," should be boldly and prominently displayed if they are to continue to even exist…

Hard to tell.

I’m not sure I saw the same press conference today as some of the television news reporters and pundits. I thought President Biden was like a breath of fresh spring air after listening to Trump disrespect and harangue the media for four years.

I wonder if we could trace back to the exact time that gathering information became a “gotcha” game for somewhat immature reporters?

Biden answered the questions. He wasn’t angry about any of them, although he did bristle a little when he was asked if he thought the overcrowded conditions at border facilities were acceptable.

“Is that a…

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