Before I get confused

I think I’ll just write.

Photo by Andrew Neel

Don’t do that, some say. But be sure to do that, others say.

Some insist there’s a sure-fire way to make money on Medium. And they can can prove it because, duh, they’re making money.

Others say it’s hard to make any money on Medium and that high earners are very rare. Some even claim Medium hires people to write pieces about making money on Medium.

Some say one can’t get into publications because Medium is controlling them and has their own writers. And none of the good publications owned by other writers want your stuff, either, they say.

I must have my own publication, I’m told. But others say no, there’s no need to have one’s own publication.

Blah, blah, blah.

There is much conflicting advice about how to succeed on Medium. It gives me a headache. Two articles by people successful on Medium may give exact opposite advice.

I’m not underrating good writing tips. I find some great advice in the writing category. Not much of it is contradictory when authors write simply about writing well.

Since some advice about how to write for Medium is by people who have been very successful, it would be silly to discount their advice. However, I’ve also seen articles explaining how to be a huge success on Medium by authors who are no longer on Medium. What’s up with that?

I’m a newbie and open to help. There’s much more to Medium than I know. I’m still trying to figure out how to put in photo credits.

But I don’t want to think success on Medium requires being a genius at running the app over being a good writer.

I believe the quality of writing should be the most important thing — and it may well be. I’ve not been here long enough to know.

I’ve read so many articles about how to succeed that I’m getting tired of the whole idea. But that’s just me being contrary. Many are anxious to read anything that might help establish an income. And I know experienced Medium writers can help.

I’m going to hope that the same habits that previously allowed me to make a living by stringing words together will work here, too.

If not, oh well. Maybe I’ll try to write a book. Or learn to knit or something.

I’ve tried doing a lot of things in my life with varying degrees of success. One thing I’ve learned is to honor my goal. Getting rich isn’t it.

I’m blessed to have enough. We’re surely not rich and who couldn’t use extra money? I dream about how great it would be if I were able to financially help other people. Or build a shelter.

I’m not getting any younger — in fact I’m getting old fast. Old, as in dirt. Not old as in fine wine or any of that romantic malarkey.

It’s no fun getting old unless you like for time to fly by so fast that whole months pass unnoticed. It’s hardly worth storing the Christmas tree, since it’ll be time to put the stupid thing up again before we notice summer is over.

So, I’ve said all that to say I’ve spent too much precious time reading about how to succeed on Medium. I don’t have years to study how to become a top, high-earning Medium writer.

But I do have time to write. And writing is how I want to spend most of whatever time remains.

I get sick in my head if I don’t write. Writing has always been the best way for me to cope with almost anything, including my craziness. I write when I’m in a mood. I write more in extreme moods. I write when I’m so mad I want to end someone — or so loving I try to put hugs in my words. Writing is my best way of expressing myself and controlling my moodiness.

Therefore I’m tired of spending time studying about how to do this instead of just doing it.

I think I’ll just write like always — for the sheer joy of it.

If Medium subscribers like my work that’s just a bonus.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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