Bernie and Pete on Top

ISU Campanile Tower by James Hartono on Unsplash

Does anyone else find it strange the top two Iowa caucus winners are the two candidates who absolutely cannot beat Trump?

Despite what the heads-in-the-clouds far-left progressives think, the US will not elect a gay young mayor or an old socialist to the presidency.

It doesn’t matter that Bernie Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist” (there’s probably no such thing) most Americans are going to resist anyone associated with the word socialist. Already Trump has changed it to “communist,” and they don’t notice because that’s what they hear when one identifies as a socialist. Remember the main education levels of most of America is “not much” and “don’t remember any of that stupid crap.”

So, socialist, communist, it’s all the same to them. They will not elect Bernie. Trump’s people know this.

Then there’s Mayor Pete. If he’s elected his cute husband says he will be the “first gentleman” and be supportive of his husband’s office. That’s nice.

Look, half this country got mad as hell when the networks showed Buttigieg giving his spouse a little peck on the cheek. Think they’re going to vote them into the White House? Think again. It will not happen unless you kill everyone over 50, every cowboy, most of the cops, whole rural churches full of devout gay haters, and everyone who owns a MAGA hat or a pickup truck. Honestly, a lot of minivan drivers would probably have to go, too.

Nope, this country is nowhere near progressing into an age when a gay person can be elected president. Get that myth out of your mind. It’s simply not going to happen. We haven’t even been able to get a woman elected.

I hear my progressive friends yelling at me. But as we all should have learned when we were children, progressives are not the whole country. Far left progressives are nowhere near being a majority, no matter how loud they yell. But I understand — when we’re young we think our generation and our ideas are the real center of the universe — and we think everyone is young and open minded like us; and if they’re not we simply need to explain it to them. It doesn’t work that way and there are not enough far-left progressives to lead the Democratic Party, nevermind the country.

There are, unfortunately for the loud and enthusiastic far-left progressives, still old people to deal with, and they vote. They still outvote the far-left. Within the Democratic Party it remains to be seen whether the centrists will be able to hold the power. In the nation, the far-left is a pill the majority won’t swallow. People skilled in politics keep telling the democrats that, but our circular firing squad is just too compelling and fighting each other without compromise seems to be the plan. It’s a stupid plan.

Anyway, Bernie nor Buttigieg can win an election against Trump. Neither will win a nationwide contest in 2024, either.

Don’t tell me I’m evil for not endorsing gays or loving the old socialist. I don’t mind either. I’m just observing and offering my (somewhat) educated political guess. It’s my guess America doesn’t want what they’re selling. I’m pretty sure about it.

What I really don’t understand is what happened in Iowa? It’s a mystery, as well as very convenient to Trump, that our two most unlikely to be elected candidates won the Iowa Caucuses.

Not only did the results seem unlikely, but they were also injurious to the Democrats’ chances of winning the presidency.

Hmmm. I wonder if we’ll ever have a real, fair and honest election again? I hope so, but chances seem to be slight to nonexistent. It’s not a good time in the USA.

It’s a sad time to love the USA.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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