Biden and Pelosi Talk Back

Nancy didn’t have a “meltdown,” she just let her “scary woman” out and Joe didn’t “lose his temper.”

Photo by Benjamin Balazs

A couple of Democrats got jiggy Thursday and it’s about time. It has been infuriating to watch the GOP, led by the monstrously rude and crude Trump, violate all standards of courtesy, etiquette, and decency, while stoic Democrats mostly take it on the chin. It’s heartening to see stiffer backbones displayed among those who are our best hope for keeping our country a democratic republic.

Democrat leaders showed they can respond and rip those who take shots at them, too. Two did exactly that Thursday and it was refreshing. I bounced off my sofa and hooted when I saw how House Leader Nancy Pelosi reacted when a reporter threw a loaded question at her as she was walking out of a press conference. The reporter yelled, “do you hate President Trump?”

I don’t hate anyone…

Pelosi turned around and started walking back toward the reporter, pointing a finger in his direction and saying, “I don’t hate anyone…I was raised in a Catholic household and taught not to hate …”.

While watching. I shouted to my husband, “look, she’s scolding him!” I love it when Pelosi goes into mom mode and treats someone like an errant child. Any minute I expected her to say, “you apologize, right now!” Instead I think I heard the word “dare,” as in, “don’t you dare.” It was beautiful.

She eventually went back to the podium and chided the reporter while explaining why she was offended. She named issues upon which she and Trump disagree, including gun control, immigration, and climate change. She then emphasized those were differences of opinion. Impeachment proceedings weren’t about disagreements on issues, the speaker said. Rather, the impeachment process is about her duty to defend the constitution and not related to disagreements with Trump on issues, she said.

“I don’t hate anyone,” Pelosi said. Then she told the reporter, “don’t mess with me when it comes to using words like that,” and said she was offended. Pelosi prays daily for the president, she said.

In no way a “meltdown”

Predictably, some news outlets said the reporter, “obviously touched a nerve,” and some accused Pelosi of having a “meltdown,” which was a blatantly misogynistic statement. If a man had done the same thing and said the same words, no one would refer to the incident as a “meltdown.” That characterization of Pelosi’s response, coming from members of the press who take verbal abuse from Trump on a regular basis is unfair. I saw the whole thing and it was in no way a “meltdown.” She was angry, but carefully controlled.

She strongly denied “hating the president” or having any personal motive other than defending “the Constitution of the United States.” The reporter who asked if she hated Trump got his answer and then some.

Both the question and the speaker’s response were probably prompted in part by comments made by Republicans on Wednesday asserting Trump was facing impeachment because the Democrats “disliked” or “hated” him.

The Speaker wasn’t tolerating any such nonsense and didn’t let the moment pass or the question hang. Personally I hoped she was coming after him and might grab him by the ear. But that’s just me and one reason I only write about politics and no longer play. I loved seeing the normally measured, careful, and eloquent Pelosi get downright pissed. She was steamed, but it was in no way a meltdown. She accomplished her intention in a strong way. When men do that it’s usually respected if not applauded.

Given the foolishness and skullduggery practiced by Trump, Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, bobble-headed Klingon Matt Gaetz, and numerous other Republicans, Pelosi’s response was perfect.

The original purpose of the press conference was for Pelosi to announce she is asking the House Judiciary Committee to draft Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump, and it’s high time for that to happen, too.

Then Joe got pissed.

Speaking of applauding righteous anger, a loud-mouthed old codger in Iowa irritated the dickens out of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, also on Thursday. The 83-year old — who initially wouldn’t identify himself — told Biden he’s too old to be president, but that appeared to only slightly irritate Biden. But as Biden was walking away, the unidentified man took a shot at Biden’s son, Hunter, saying Biden took advantage of his position to get him a job in the Ukraine.

“You’re a damn liar, man,” Biden shot back. Then he told the man he’d out- perform him in any contest involving athletic ability or intelligence.

“I’m not sedentary, want to check my shape, let’s do push ups together, let’s run, let’s do whatever you want to do, let’s take an IQ test,” said Biden, who is 77.

The crowd loved it. They cheered and clapped in response to Biden’s anger at the ageism and accusation. Both Vice President Biden and his son have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the matter the man was referencing in his accusation.

When Biden was later accused of losing his temper, he laughingly said he didn’t lose his temper. “If I did, you’d know it,’’ he said.

Trump’s base will like Joe

Many Trump supporters like the image Trump tries to cultivate as an outspoken tough guy. But it may be that Trump will have to compete with Biden for the role. Biden, with his experience and popularity, combined with suviving the tragedy he’s suffered in his personal life, is a real tough guy. I suspect Trump may already know that given his desperate move of trying to bribe a foreign country to smear Biden. If not, Trump is about to learn.

Trump’s rough and ready supporters may take a liking to the outspoken Biden and realize he is the real deal. As a long-term Washington survivor and proven leader, Biden may stack up very well against the childish and narcisstic Trump.

No one said Joe had a “meltdown”

It should be noted, however, that although Joe Biden got hot and went off on the guy who falsely accused him and his son of wrongdoing, no one said he had “a meltdown.” That term is normally only used for women who do the same thing, no matter how righteous their anger.

Of course, the disgusting Trump boot-licker Sean Hannity said Pelosi “snapped.” I’m not sure anyone in the country still thinks Hannity is a real newsman, so whatever he says isn’t apt to hurt anyone. It’s laughable when a fake reporter, who works for a network which has branded itself as only entertainment and not news, attacks a real politician. I imagine Nancy Pelosi takes him about as seriously as she would a cartoon character or a comedian. Whatever Sean says, he lacks the credibility to elicit a serious response from real politicians.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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