Biden’s Super Tuesday Win Was Not A Fluke

He’ll be nominated and elected president in November.

It was anything but a fluke that VP Joe Biden took the lion’s share of Democrat delegates on Super Tuesday. He will continue to win interior states even though it may be close or he could even lose some in the coastal states, as he did in California. The only ones surprised are those who thought Biden was done because of poor early showings.

President Bill Clinton and 14 others lost Iowa and then went on to become president. Winning Iowa is no longer an indicator of who will win the nomination. If we learned anything from 2016, we should have learned that polls aren’t reliable predictors, either.

From an objective and non-emotional standpoint, which should be the position of the media — although we seldom see it these days — it was obvious that Biden would start winning in the south, the midwest, and just about any other non-coastal area. Democrats know their choices are limited, but they also know there is only one person in the race who can beat Donald Trump. Biden might not be the first person they thought of when they wished for a new president, nevertheless, they’ll take him gladly over Bernie, who cannot win.

Bernie’s early wins activated the base of the Democrat party. They were alarming to moderates, who assumed democrats wouldn’t vote for an independent who has twice crashed into their party and hurt their chances with in 2016. Moderate Democrats realized they have to get the vote out for Biden unless they want another four years of Trump.

More Republicans than we know — since people don’t advertise when they’ve been wrong — will also vote for Biden in the Democratic primaries and in the general election, too. There are a lot of Republicans in this country who are decent people who also know that Trump is not. Trump was not even the candidate many republicans wanted four years s ago. They’re even more soured on him now. Just as millions of Democrats hold their cards closely and communicate their preferences only by voting, Republicans won’t be bragging about voting for Biden, even though a lot of them will.

Bernie can’t beat Trump and Trump must be beaten

It’s hard to fathom how so many young people think Bernie will win the primary and go on to win the presidency. That was impossible from the start. Bernie winning the presidency is not a political reality.

Trump has torn up the country and done great damage in many areas, including endangering our air and water, giving away the treasury to reward the rich, and ruining our relationships with the leaders of many foreign countries, not to mention the never-ending shameless lies he tells America every day.

No democrat should be disurbed by Bernie’s huge rallys and loud support. Half those kids won’t even vote. They just want to be out yelling about a cause. They may get their way about things someday, but the country is not yet willing to hand it over to them and lean that far left. Many of their desires for the USA are good ones but Bernie is like the homecoming queen who never got over herself and parades around town in her faded glory, except he’s an old anti-establishment hippie who isn’t in tune with the times despite his liberal wishes. He is a dreamer, not a doer, like he has always been, and so are his supporters — well intentioned as they may be. Long after Bernie and the boomers are gone, some of the things he wants for America will probably happen. Some of his supporters will probably live to see it. But he’s not able to deliver in 2021 because the majority are not ready to leave their moderate stance and go that far left. Progressive doesn’t mean a hard left turn to most Democrats around the country.

Bernie is unknowingly turning out the vote for Biden in a way Biden’s campaign probably would not have been able to do. Moderate members of the democratic party, and that means most of them, believe it or not, are as worried about the spectacle of Bernie Sanders becoming president as they are about Trump staying president. No moderate democrat wants the party to go as far left as Bernie wants, or wants to leave Trump in office to finish wrecking our government.

Trump tries to tamper with the Supreme Court, and Chief Justice Roberts is silent ; he then rebukes the Democratic senate minority leader for making political predictions

Just as one urgent reminder of how critical it is to vote Trump out, the damage he is doing to justice and the courts is horrifying — not to mention terrifying. Will justice continue to be available in the US if Trump remains in office? It looks doubtful from recent events.

As of yesterday, the chief supreme court justice scolded senate minority leader, Senator Chuck Schumer, for making an obvious political warning to Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch; saying in the event they uphold abortion restrictions they will “pay the price” and won’t know “what hit them.’ The comments were obviously political rhetoric, Schumer’s office said, and not intended to threaten violence against the Justices.

The rebuke, coming from a conservative chief justice, aimed at a liberal lawmaker, is itself out of order if one considers recent events indicating the court leans conservative and is generally supportive of Trump.

The prejudice of Roberts, who presided over Trump’s ridiculous impeachment trial and allowed it to become a political forum, is more on display than he may realize.

He did not once stand up for the rule of law or the constitution and unfortunately looked like a Trump puppet throughout the trial. It was yet another indication that Trump is tearing up the structure of our government and respects nothing, including the courts and the justice system.

Roberts was apparently not bothered last week when Trump publicly criticized two liberal justices and in fact demanded they temporarily relinquish their seats. He wanted Ginsberg and Sotomayor barred from hearing cases involving him.

Chief Justice John Roberts, nevertheless, chose to sternly rebuke Schumer and ignore Trump’s divisive and meddling attempts to bring politics to the court.

Oh, Bernie, just not now.

Bernie is promising free health insurance for everyone. However, Medicare, which Elizabeth Warren wanted for everyone, too, is not free like most people think.

As of right now, under the provisions of Obamacare, the poorest people in our state — the ones least able to pay for insurance — are covered by medicaid, which costs them nothing. People who have never before had health insurance now have it.

Joe Biden will continue improving the working parts of Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act). For those who are poor, insurance is now available through medicaid in most states. People who can afford to pay for insurance continue to keep whatever insurance they like. More work is planned by the Democrats to get private insurance rates down for everyone. Many people want to keep the healthcare policy they have under the ACA and aren’t interested in Bernie’s plan. They cite the problems and costs.

Not only does Bernie want free healthcare for everyone, he wants to pay off everyone’s college debt. But many Democrats aren’t in the mood to pay off the debts Johnny and Susie ran up while attending an expensive college. Many older Democrats had to pay for their educations and aren’t anxious to pay for anyone else’s. Others went to a state university or cheaper community colleges to avoid creating large debts. Maybe they aren’t going to vote for Bernie so he can reward the kids while the elderly eat dog food and languish in sub-standard nursing homes.

Trump and the Republicans have damaged the ACA by removing the requirement that people must have insurance. That provision helped pay for the plan — and created value to insurance companies in exchange for lower rates. It was an integral part. If Biden is elected and has majorities in the Senate and House, they will fix ACA. The ACA is far from perfect, but it has the potential to be the answer. As not only Biden, but Hillary Clinton and other democrats have said, ACA is start, and not the final plan. It is a good start and many people will vote against anyone not willing to keep it, while expecting democrats to keep working to make it better.

Remember the town halls when crowds practically wanted to eat Tom Cotton, who proposed taking away the ACA and replacing it with some “pie in the sky” Republicans want to enact but have no plan for? Poor people are passionate about keeping their Obamacare. The GOP plan will not be good for the poor and middle class, because all Republicans want to do these days is take away what little the poor and middle class have, and give it to the rich.

That’s not just political talk. They did it — stole taxpayer funds intended to help the poor and, in fact, all of us — on a grand scale.

The Trump administration and the Republican held Senate bankrupted programs, services and agencies that serve the poor and middle class. It was all to give the rich their huge tax cuts. They do not care that giving up all that revenue hurt the little people most.

More Republican Tricks; cutting revenue and overspending.

The country will suffer for a long time from what the republicans did to the economy, which won’t show up immediately. No, like always, it will be dumped on the democrats after republicans are out of office. It never fails. Republicans mess up the economy every time they get in power. Democrats come along behind them cleaning up and removing their giveaways to the rich. It’s a dirty job, and often Democrats coming into power behind Republicans get blamed for the mess the Republicans left for them.

That’s not just political talk about the economy. It’s history. Trump is enjoying a good economy now, but President Obama is responsible for it. If Trump gets another four years, he will come ash the economy. It’s fragile anyway judging from what’s happened to it over Coronavirus.

Joe Biden is our best choice for president and most people realize it, which restores faith in Americans paying attention to politics and government.

Biden regularly gets his words mixed up when speaking off the cuff, but he’ll have plenty of people to help him out when he’s elected president — and he knows what he’s doing. He may be a little bit tongue tied at times and say things that can be misconstrued, but he knows government and is qualified to lead the nation. People know that. People forgive Joe Biden his gaffes, mostly because they understand him and what he’s trying to say. Biden has more than proven he’s tough Enough to run the country. He’s been hardened and strengthened by all he’s had to endure in his personal life. His experiences have deepened his compassion and it shows.

Biden will beat Trump.

Trump is a nutcase and a pathological liar. Biden will beat him like a drum. People know that, too.

Biden knows how our government is supposed to work and will restore knowledgeable and qualified people to key positions in government. He knows the role of the presidency and that it’s not for the president to be “the chief law enforcement officer” as Trump ridiculously said the other day, but to serve as the country’s chief executive officer and commander in chief. Those jobs are big enough. A president actually doing his job wouldn’t have time nor desire to interfere in the justice system. Trump operates like the head of a mob — not the POTUS.

As for foreign relations, Biden will be strong in rebuilding relationships with out allies and putting Russia back where it belongs, which is out of our political scene. Biden would not have abandoned the Kurds and let all those children starve and freeze on the Turkish border. He is nothing if not kind-hearted and caring. Obviously, people know that, too, and know it’s something they want to see in their president.

Biden is smart enough to rely on and work with congress to get things done for the people, and that’s what Americans want now. Biden has proven he can bring people together instead of creating further division. He’s always been able to get bipartisan support, and he’ll get a lot of it in this election.

The country is more divided than in any time since the Civil War. Trump has brought out people’s worst impulses and has created more hatred between Americans. He has children in cages because they are brown and not white skinned. He has all but destroyed the opportunities we always offered to immigrants. Basically, Trump is a monster and a cancerous growth on the butt of the USA and Americans simply think Biden has a better chance of beating him than Bernie does. They are right.

Time to unite.

So Trump can’t stay. Most Americans know that whether they admit it or not. Bernie can’t be elected president. He’d be just as bad as Trump, on the other side, though maybe not intentionally. People who say Bernie is just the flip side of Trump are right. Neither has any respect for the parts of our government which do run right.

Bernie taking office with a plan to tear up the government we have is not appealing to most voters. It’s already broken. We’d rather have it repaired. Yes, we need changes, but first we must get back at least, to where we were. Agencies must be fixed. Leadership, knowledge and experience need to come back to Washington. We don’t need political control, but control by people who know what they’re doing. Cabinet positions need to be filled by people qualified to be there.

So, yeah, Americans know what must happen — and what is needed to save the USA as we know it is a Biden presidency.

Biden is winning and will continue to win, and that’s a good thing for the USA. It needs to happen now, but we’ll have to wait until January 2021. We’re going to see one of those glorious times when Americans show up to save their country. They will demonstrate that for all our fussing and fighting, when the welfare of the country is at stake, the patriotic majority will do the right thing. Americans will put experience, dignity and moderation back in our White House.

Because they know what must be done.

The day President Biden is inaugurated, the USA will again be in safe hands.

Americans are going to come through like they always have in perilous times. Like his former boss, Joe Biden will give us hope.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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