Cheering an Evil and Hateful Old Man Is Not a Good Look

Photo by Jon Tyson
Photo by Jon Tyson

Knock it off, America. You’re better than this.

Did everyone see all those people cheering for Trump in Tuscaloosa on Saturday? The narcissist-in-chief was in his glorified element. Trump probably thought all the red was his MAGA hats; actually some of it was, but mostly it was Crimson Tide fan color.

According to media reports Alabama’s student government and possibly the administration warned prior to the game that anyone who booed Trump would be thrown out of the stadium and would lose any reserved seat.

If that’s true no wonder they lost after given such an authoritarian order. It wasn’t the team’s fault, but whoever put out that edict probably demoralized the school and the players and deserved to see their team lose. It was Alabama’s first loss on the Tide’s home turf since 2015. Wah wah wah.

Cheering for a man who would like to end our Democracy is anti-American. One might as well cheer for Putin and Kim Jong-un. On the weekend before Veteran’s Day, no less, thousands of American football fans chose to disrespect the memory of fallen veterans and the service of all living veterans by cheering for an ideological fascist who admires just about every dictator in the world. They were cheering the so-called president who insults the leaders of free countries who are our allies, and cuddles up to men like Putin.

Photo by Brayden George

They were cheering Trump; the guy who invited Russia into our elections. Cheering for a man who calls the murderous dictator Kim Jong Un “a good friend,’ is to slap our veterans in the face. Cheering for a monster who callously called back our troops and left Kurds to die is anti-American. The USA we love does not abandon those who fight alongside us.

Do they want those who oppose Trump killed?

Personally, I found the cheering sickening. How can all those people be so deluded they cheer for an egomaniac who idolizes dictatorS? Americans shouldn’t misunderstand. Trump wants to become in America what Putin is in Russia. Putin kills those who oppose him. Trump would like to do the same.

Is that what Trump’s supporters want? Do they want those who oppose Trump killed? Because Herr Trump would have killed anyone who criticizes him if he thought he could get away with it. He wants his opposition silenced and doesn’t care how it’s done.

I refuse to believe our fellow Americans want us dead because we disagree with Trump. But so many are being deceived. Trump is so devious he’s able to fool people. He plays on their fears and encourages them to reject education and civilized communication. His influence can distort the thinking of even our loved ones until they’re unrecognizable to us. He plays on and encourages the worst impulses in all of us — and then scares people until they lose their perspectives on society. He makes people believe people of color and people from other countries are stealing something from the rest of us. He makes it appear we’re losing our country to immigrants.

But Trump himself, along with his authoritarian pals, and crazed lawyer are the real enemies. He purposely set us one against the other because he knows the American people cannot be defeated when we are united.

We know what Trump wants. But do his supporters want other Americans persecuted? Do they want those of us who resist Trump dead?

I do not believe they do. There’s always the exception of the usual hate groups, But the majority of Trump’s supporters don’t want me and my family dead.

Members of my extended family who may have voted for Trump but who truly love me don’t want me harmed by Trump in any way. My husband’s relative wishes only the best for us and loves us deeply. But he voted for Trump. Those in our family who disagree with us and support Trump don’t want us dead. They don’t want us gassed, shot or hung. Of course they don’t. They love and care about us.

But Trump wants that. Stirring up hate and making one faction of America hate the other is his method. He knows a lot of whites still fear black people, so he feeds that fear. He knows many Americans fear Hispanics are taking over the country. So he feeds that idea. He knows a lot of Americans, because of their religion, do not accept gay marriages, and feel abortions are tantamount to murder. So he pretends he agrees with what they believe in. He does not! His lifelong and present actions prove he is not devoted to Christian causes. He has deceived millions of Christians. He is an imposter.

Good people still supporting him do not realize who he is and what atrocities he would commit if he could.

He hates the media because too many media outlets strive to portray him exactly as he is. They unmask him. So he directs his supporters to the non-news Fox News. His influence is strong enough that he’s convinced masses that a TV network that exists and bills itself as an entertainment-only entity is giving them true news.

There are still some good people supporting Trump for various reasons — trying to follow their religion is the biggest one. They truly see him as good.

He is not good. He does not love America or Americans except in the way a ruler might value his subjects. The vast majority of his supporters don’t want his resisters to perish, so they don’t understand his plan. They don’t know why he keeps people like ghoulish Stephen Miller near him. They would be horrified if they did.

If those good people don’t wake up Trump in the not-too-distant future will begin to silence his opposition with worse than blackmail and bribery. People who write and publish the truth about Trump could start dying or disappearing.

Wait. A Washington reporter has already been sliced and diced in Saudi Arabia. A man with secrets enough to forever ruin Trump mysteriously died in a heavily-guarded federal lockup-up.

Watch him closely and it’s obvious he wants no less than total power to do with all of us as he pleases. If people don’t stop the mindless cheering and start seeing him for what he is, he will accomplish his goals.

Cheering for Draft-Dodging Trump is an insult to US Veterans

“Some gave all, all gave some.” is the truth. What did Trump give? Not one thing. Nothing. He’s a taker, not a giver. For at least five generations no member of his family has served or spilt blood for this nation. Trump just sucks wealth out of the country in every way he can.

He is raping America just like he has raped women. I believe every woman who says he assaulted or raped her because by his own gleeful admission he feels free to “just grab ’em by the…(genitals).” Once he made that statement, why would anyone think he wouldn’t “just grab” and rape a woman, too? If he believes he can get away with that,why would he restrain himself from doing more? Nothing. Trump isn’t good at restraint. His victims aren’t lying. It’s not easy for a woman to admit she was raped. They are not lying.

Yet, he is cheered by thousands of Christian women. Mothers and daughters cheer him. Women who would give their lives to protect the people they love cheer him. Yet he would rather some of us die. Why are they cheering him?

It’s because he’s a master of deceit.

Photo by Samantha Sophia

How do women, of all people, support a misogynistic, crude and vulgar man like him? What do they tell their daughters? Do they want them “ grabbed by the…” like Trump brags about doing? Why are women cheering for him?

Those who cheer him disrespect not only veterans but every woman he has harrassed and assaulted. They disrespect all people, male and female, who have been sexually or financially abused by rich and powerful men; men who seldom get what they deserve. American justice winks at them, slaps them gently on the wrist, and returns to cruelly throwing as many poor, sick, and minorities into prison as possible. Those unfortunate who lack expensive private lawyers go to jail to feed the massive corporations which run jails for profit. Lawless rich guys go home — unscathed by brushes with the law.

How can any American cheer him? Since when do Americans cheer oppressive billionaires and shun the less fortunate people? Are his supporters going to give up everything that’s pure and fair and applaud a would-be King like Trump?

They did. They cheered him. Cheered while the poor, homeless, hungry, disenfranchised, abused and pitiful cry out for help. They cheered for him while women are still treated like second-class citizens and racism flourishes. They cheered him while police departments become not keepers of the peace but violent oppressors with his encouragement.

Brave men and women sacrificed their lives to keep men like Trump from gaining control of America. Trump is an imposter. He does the will of despots against our loyal allies. He sells our clean air and water to the highest bidders.

He’s no patriot. He’s not even an American at heart. He doesn’t care what country he’s in as long as he can make money there. What are people cheering about?

Do they think he cares about them? Think again. He thinks they are stupid. He is using them. He once said if he ran for president he’d run as a Republican because “Republicans are stupid.” Looks like he was right. He’s laughing at his Republican supporters while he picks their pockets.

My late father and stepdad didn’t serve in World War II to see Americans led toward fascism by a lawless power-crazed wannabe dictator. My uncle didn’t serve in the Korean War only to see someone like Trump in our highest office. My uncle is 89 and happy to tell anyone exactly what he thinks of Herr Trump. He thinks he’s a piece of shit. He words it nicer than that, but that’s what he thinks.

Like many, my veteran uncle doesn’t care whether Trump is impeached, resigns, or dies, as long as he gets out of the White House. My mother is 90. She feels exactly the same way. Americans weren’t always so easily duped. Few of the elderly who’ve lived long enough to remember WWII support Trump. Old people who don’t normally curse break their rule when it comes to Trump. He infuriates them. Younger people should listen to them. They know a thing or two.

I think most veterans of WWII would be thinking about how to accomplish the same thing.

Our veterans didn’t die on the beaches of Normandy to see football fans mindlessly cheering traitor Trump.

They jumped off boats and drowned or ran toward their deaths because they believed people should be free and that good men protect the weak from cruel and ruthless men like Adolph Hitler, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un — and yes, Donald Trump.

Just because Trump hasn’t become a dictator or ushered in fascism yet doesn’t mean he won’t. The brave men and women who ensure our Democracy should not have to see people cheering Trump.

Villains or victims — the misled fans of Donald Trump

Proud sons and daughters of the American South stood Saturday and exuberantly cheered a dictator-loving, Constitution-ignoring liar. I hope the spirits of veterans who died to protect us from people like Trump haunt their big stadium. It would serve them right if they never won another game there.

Have those cheering the man who would be dictator forgotten that the only books Trump cares about reading are about how Hitler came to power? Stand up and cheer like a bunch of braying donkeys. He wants to take away our freedom.

Trump doesn’t abide by the Constitution himself and thinks laws don’t apply to him. But he wants tanks and war equipment paraded for him.

Trump will come after minorities and the poor. He will jail thousands for nonviolent crimes just to feed his rich pals’ privately-owned prisons.

But he thinks he doesn’t need to abide by laws — Not even the Constitution. He commits crimes and feels he’s entitled.

Because he thinks he is better than the rest of us. He really does. Keep cheering.

Donald has no clue what we stand for as a nation. America does not desert people fighting beside us. We should never leave an ally alone on the battlefield like Trump left the Kurds. If one is prejudiced against Muslims, please be informed those were Christian Kurds we left to die. How is that the act of a Christian man? Why do any Christians support him?

Anyone still cheering for Trump is brainwashed and a victim of a sleazy con man. Look at him. Obviously he’s reptilian.

Open your eyes, Americans. He must be impeached if we are to remain free and recover our status in the world.

Republicans need to pick themselves up out of the sewer and get rid of the canker sore in their party that is Trump. He will be their downfall. Those up for re-election in 2020 will lose their seats — except for places like Alabama — where the education system is weak and Fox News is the only thing on television. Southern states and pockets of Trumpkins around the country will not be enough to keep a Republican majority in the Senate. The GOP is mostly done. Hitching their horse to Donald Trump won’t end well for them.

There is nothing partisan about Trump. He is not a Republican. He’s just a user. He’s using the Republicans because he can. All he had to do was be against abortions (wonder how many he’s paid for?) and yammer about gay people.

The Republican Party had to be his cheapest date ever, but damn, they’re ugly.

Listen, I don’t hate Republicans or Trump supporters. I hate that he is using them to ruin our nation. I hate that they are allowing themselves to be used. I hate that they were mislead, lied to and fed illusions about how good Trump would be for our nation. I not only don’t hate his supporters, but love some of them very much. I just want them to wake up. Stop cheering, and look long and hard at the man they are cheering. He’s nobody. He’s not worth their support. They are better than that. He’s a crazy, insane, old codger with dangerous delusions of grandeur.

Remember who we are, America.

Donald Trump is nothing to cheer about.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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