Could it Happen?

Could the United States see another civil war?

I’m getting scared.

Are you scared, too?

I only started feeling frightened in the last few days. The photos of Trump up on the balcony with his adoring fans gathered in the Rose Garden (where a political rally should never happen) scared me. It reminded me of Hitler and his fans. It reminded me of a king standing over his subjects.

His behavior unsettles me. It is becoming more reckless and unpredictable. The Band-Aids seen on his hand; it looks like an IV was taken out. Maybe just so he could come out and speak? Is he on the balcony because he still has active Covid19?

There’s more talk that he won’t accept the election results. I hope that isn’t true. But if it is, we’re in for a rough time. I hope the military is preparing. I hope they honor their oaths to the Constitution.

I saw today an article written by someone here on Medium (I’m so sorry I cannot remember who it was) stating that we had better prepare for supply line glitches and other consequences since the country could break down into civil war over the election.

That couldn’t happen, could it? Surely not. Not here.

I guess the Germans didn’t think what happened there could happen, either.

In the days before Pearl Harbor, things were pretty peaceful in Hawaii.

We never dreamed the World Trade Center could be collapsed to the ground so quickly on a sunny morning.

In August of 1945, the people of Hiroshima were going about their daily business.

If Trump loses and decides not to honor the results of the election (which is looking more probable by the day), will some other nation help him retain power — like, say, Russia? Are there already plans?

These are perilous times and the reality is just beginning to become crystal clear. Not reassuringly, Trump is acting crazier recently. Something strange is happening to his expressions. He looks…possessed. And defiant. He knows he’s losing yet he is more egomaniacal than ever.

Crazy men try to take over countries and become dictators. Sometimes, they succeed. It couldn’t happen here, could it? Maybe it could.

The police would probably be on his side. So would a lot of people with guns who are itching to use them.

I watched Saturday Night Live last night, and couldn’t laugh even once.

My 91-year-old mother says we are in trouble. She’s been stockpiling groceries for a while now. I’ve starting doing that, too. She knows how things can unravel. She shouts at the news, then becomes depressed over the day’s developments.

There’s a pandemic. And a desperate man in the White House.

Even as I fill our house with extra provisions, I cannot believe such a thing is really necessary. Yet, some part of me knows that it is. And chills run down my spine.

Yes, I’m scared. You should be, too.

God help us.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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