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  • Will Pennington

    Will Pennington

    I write of love and romance. A little more of each will solve most issues. Won’t they? Oxford comma enthusiast. I’m a retired Naval officer and Sailor.

  • Breana Jones

    Breana Jones

    product @ medium.

  • Trevor Stark

    Trevor Stark

    so much to say, so little time

  • Steve Wyatt

    Steve Wyatt

    I'm a writer and Creative Director in NYC. I'm a father of two and an example to none. I've self-published two humor books available on amazon.

  • Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson

    Get healthy. Build wealth. Enhance knowledge. Practice charity. These are the points on my compass; what are yours?

  • Jo An Fox-Wright Maddox

    Jo An Fox-Wright Maddox

    Former English professor ponders life, love, and how to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

  • David Sheehan

    David Sheehan

    Writing of memories from my youth, jobs, loves and family and acquaintances

  • Charlotte Ella King

    Charlotte Ella King

    I’m here to push myself outside my social comfort zone repeatedly and to experience all that the Medium community has to offer.

  • Michelle Teheux

    Michelle Teheux

    Lover of literature. Editor of Minds Without Borders. Former newspaper editor. Fascinated by everything. Available for hire.

  • Jessica Stillman

    Jessica Stillman

    Top Inc.com columnist/ Editor/ Ghostwriter. Book lover. Travel fiend. Nap enthusiast. https://jessicastillman.com/

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