It’s all gray today

As it was yesterday

And the day before that

It will be tomorrow, too

I have complaints against winter

But this grayness is the worst

A day so gray depresses

And clouds out light

Gray makes it worse

For most all of us

It looks like hopelessness

It feels like sadness

It fades us like death

Color cruelly wiped away

Replaced by monotonous gray

Some paint their spaces gray

And add to the gloom

At least in paint there is control

But what’s to be done

When the very air is gray

It comes in heavy here

Instead of white bright snow

And casts its monochromatic pall

The lead player in winter

Gray is rude with attitude

It spreads itself over colors

And people, too

Gray is maybe not a color at all

It’s an emotion or lack thereof

It’s heavy load, damp and cold

Like ice it seizes us

Pushes us down

For too many days

It’s not loosened the grip

It smothers our happiness

While it denies us the sun

All the pretty colors of

Spring, summer and fall

In winter they all

Slip away within the gray coil

Color drips off the landscape

And leaves overwhelming gray

Gray, gray, forever, damnit, all day

Or maybe a week or most of a month

Please just go, get away

Days upon days

Filled only with gloomy gray

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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