Hate Trumps Love

Carol Burt
5 min readJul 12, 2022
Photo by Andy Montes de Oca on Unsplash

And we underwrite it if we support bullies.

It’s not only pollution poisoning our planet. It’s hate, too.

Have you noticed how much hate emanates from the human race, especially here in the US? Most of us use more energy to hate something than to love anything.

Only the animals are innocent. If you don’t believe the world is filled with hatefulness, just read Twitter for a little while. Or, even here on Medium, many of us (sadly me included) sometimes dedicate our writing skills to an object, person, or party we hate. Why do we dedicate more words to what we hate than to what we love?

Everyone doesn’t do that, but too many do, here and everywhere. It’s a human failing that we are more likely to speak up about what we don’t like than what we do. Most of us are more likely to gripe than to approach life with gratitude.

Why do I write about dirty politicians like you-know-who more than I write about our three cats? They are much more interesting and do not contribute to damage to our world by existing.

Hatred runs deep on social media.

Sometimes the hatred runs so deep on social media that I think we must have missed Jesus and have been left here in hell. Nah, I know that’s not true because there is still beauty and love everywhere if we bother to notice. But at times, we humans can create hellish conditions.

Where do we get this, especially here in the US, where just a couple hundred years ago we were helping each other raise cabins, build schools and churches, and basically being good neighbors?

Why can’t we be like that anymore? Why do we hole up in our houses and not care about anyone outside our homes?

Why do some people enjoy being mean?

We often take out our hate on those who serve us. How many times have you seen someone being hateful to a server in a restaurant? They do it just because they can. And some people just enjoy being as mean as possible to others.

I’ve seen many people fuss at checkers in a grocery store about rising prices or just be mad and then act rudely toward the checker, who is just doing their low-paying job.



Carol Burt

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