I can no longer endure looking at him. I taste bile at the back of my throat when he appears and I swear at the television when he speaks. I’ve never wanted to see anyone fall over dead except him.

I’m neither threatening him nor a threat to him. The worst I can do to him is write about what a sorry excuse for a president — and a human — he is. But, Lord help me, I’d be happy if he had a fatal heart attack or stroke while standing there telling his lies.

It’s the duty of those we’ve elected to check his power and stop him; and to do it post haste. It’s up to the rest of us to force them to the task by assuring them we will not re-elect anyone who will not rise on this dire occasion to save America.

Trump should be bowed before the heaviest hand of this nation’s justice. He should be removed from office. Now.

On the news last week a Kurdish woman expressed her horror and confusion while terrified children clung to her skirt. She asked why the USA is leaving them to die?

I want to know, too.

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must unite and remove him under the Constitutional powers bestowed upon them.

Now is neither the time nor place for partisan politics. If the country is to survive as we know it; our normally lousy bunch of self-serving politicians must now become patriots. History will tell which ones stood. And which ones cowered under those who own them.

Our forefathers ensured the legislative branch would have the power to remove a president if it ever came to exactly where we are now.

ABC news aired a haunting video of a crying little girl crowded into the bed of a pickup. Fear and anguish distorted her face as she and her family prepared to run for their lives.

The truck will run out of gas. Then what will happen? Terrorists or Turkish forces will likely kill them; that is what will happen.

Trump has both figuratively and literally sided against our allies; not in one instance but several.

He’s obviously on the wrong side of democracy and history. If he had been president during Hitler’s reign Trump would have approved of the concentration camps and befriended the dictator.

He already has his own camps of suffering people on our border.

Trump’s pals are Putin, Kim Jong Un, Erdogan, and the murderous crown prince of Saudi Arabia. How he’d love to become a dictator.

But in his twisted mind being king would be even better. In Saudi Arabia the king is the absolute ruler and all important seats in government must be filled by only his immediate family members.

Trump, too, has filled high governmental positions with his family members. If it walks like a duck… it wants to be a duck.

The wails and sobs of terrified children fleeing into the desert are the only sound now; as our planes and tanks are retreating on the command of a madman.

How did we come to this? We’ve allowed an admirer of ruthless kings and infamous dictators to set our course?

We stand embarrassed before our allies and the world as our nation is suffocated by the greed and pathos of one man.

And that one evil man has power only because he realized — or more likely Steve Bannon taught him — that to gain control he must first divide us. He couldn’t hand the USA over to evil without destroying our unity; so divided we are.

He dishonors the tradition and legacy of all Americans who’ve died with honor, bravery, and courage while fighting for our freedom.

Without our help a desolate, burned out hole will be all that’s left of the homes and lives of our friends — the Kurds — who fought and died alongside us trying to curb terrorism.

Without our help in holding them, ten-thousand terrorists who hate us and want us dead may not remain captured. Their evil could be unleashed on the world

If Trump remains in office — courting malevolent dictators and doing the bidding of our enemies — it may someday become our children wailing in the night as we flee our destroyed cities.

Make no mistake; we, the people— through our elected legislators and a failed Department of Justice — are allowing an evil and psychotic president to order our troops to do what America has never done; tuck and run. Not by their choice but at the command of the tyrant in the Whitehouse.

I am saddened to think what my dad, born in 1925 and in the Navy during WWII, would think of the mess we’ve made.

If I could talk to dad, I’d say I’m sorry for what we’ve allowed to happen. I’d tell him I resist Donald Trump and I will continue calling for impeachment. I have never called him president and I will not.

We’ve become a country under the control of a two-bit huckster whose only success was starring in a tv reality show.

I can forgive the misled people who voted for him. But they cannot escape responsibility for their part in the evil he’s done and will do in the world. If the rest of us let him continue we, too, are complicit.

We should be calling our senators and representatives and insisting they do their duty; and convincing them will never win another election if they dont.

Some people almost proudly proclaim they don’t watch the news. All Americans watch the chaos we’ve set loose on the world. Look what we’ve done.

The blood of innocent children is on our hands. We are participants in this and all his wicked purposes whether by voting for him, not voting at all, or remaining silent and doing nothing to help remove him from office.

He didn’t have the capability to lead when people voted for him; and he’s worse now. A little less than half voted for him. At least they voted. In voting we exercise a right given, paid for, and protected by the blood of American mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Those who still support him — shame on you. Stop it. Supporting Trump is forsaking our ancestors and dishonoring our troops.

We owe an apology to every veteran, living or dead; and to all active service members for allowing their service and sacrifices to be besmirched by Trump.

We owe it to them to insist the senate and congress stop him.

He has our military engaged as I write protecting oil and the Saudi kingdom. He’s defending a nation that murders journalists. He’s risking our sons and daughters lives for that? And we let him continue.

He’s obviously insane.

He looks like a lizard. Every day he becomes more reptilian. His wickedness shows.

I hope he faces a firing squad.

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”…Theodore Roosevelt

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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