I agree with most of your opinion pieces. This time, however, I think (understandably) your exasperation may be causing you to miss the point. The point at this time, the only imperative, actually, is to get Trump the hell out of office. To do that, the Democratic Party needs to run Biden, who can win in the general election.

I want all those things Bernie and Liz want, too, but because of where we are today we don’t have the luxury of nominating someone who can’t beat Trump. Neither Warren nor Sanders would win against Trump.

Nothing good is going to happen in the USA while Trump is president.

So the priority must be to remove him. We can win by running Biden and even draw the votes of Republicans who can’t stomach Trump.

We can’t reform or get a reform candidate elected until we get rid of Trump and McConnell and put the country back in working order at least to the point the rule of law is meaningful and working professionals in government are allowed to do their jobs.

If we don’t remove Trump this election he will collapse this democracy. Idealism is a wonderful thing, but this time, hardline realism is called for.

We must at all costs — including the defeat of the favorites of the far left — remove Trump.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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