I cannot begin to tell you how deeply offensive this article is to me, and probably to most of those who have suffered with major depression most of our lives. The only time I’m not crippled with depression is when my meds are right and I stay on them. Sometimes they have to be changed because they stop working. Sometimes I feel so well I convince myself I don’t Need them and end up very sick. Hospitalization sick a few times. Depression can kill people.

Addiction to being depressed? Depression is a chemical/biological problem in the brain. You remind me of all the people who tell depressives to “straighten up” or “quit feeling sorry for yourself.

Seriously? Are you an MD, psychiatrist or a scientist? Or do you just think maybe it might be just be our love of being laid flat or wanting to die because we are hopeless? You may be a psychologist. Are you? Accredited? Post graduate studies? Whatever. Obviously you haven’t suffered real, chronic major depression.

Would you think having to use a wheelchair could be addictive? Hell, are people addicted to having cancer, you think?

You can’t imagine all the words I would like to use in reference to the idea your article promotes. It moves mental illness back toward being our own fault and increases shame. It also gives people an excuse for stigmatizing us. It. Is. A. Biological. Problem. Not an addiction to feeling awful.

Why the hell did you write this? Are you a therapist whose clients irritate you because they can’t get well? You realize your spew could make people think it’s their fault they have depression? Do you know how dangerous your article could be to a severely, maybe untreated depressed person? Did you even think this through before you flippantly wrote we might just be comfortable being depressed. No one is comfortable in major depressive disorder.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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