I hope it wasn’t me, Tim. I guess I wouldn’t be able to respond to you if it was. I felt a little convicted reading your essay because I frequently write pieces railing against the present US administration and where I believe we’re headed. It’s not for my ego, but is instead a genuine effort to help my country and cause people to be alarmed and awake enough to vote.

I think the pens of concerned and thoughtful writers have saved this country before and have led to the people being engaged, warned, or informed. Don’t you?

I don’t always write about the gloom and doom I feel will prevail if the nation continues down her current path. But often I do.

I hope what I consider to be sounding a warning or pointing out an outrage isn’t the kind of writing irritating you to the point of blocking a writer.

It’s my understanding if we simply unfollow someone we will see less of their work. But I’ve been here only about a year, so I’m not sure. (It looks as if I’ve been here only 7 months because I didn’t update a credit card and they whacked me out for a minute). I simply don’t read essays that do not interest me. However, I can see how one just might just be vexed halfway to death by an annoying writer.

Again, I hope my political pieces don’t bother or offend you. I also write about smart aleck ants and other silliness; so I’m not all gloom and doom.

I love your writing, though this one hit a nerve. Perhaps good writing is like fine art — it’s no good if it doesn’t invoke strong feeling in the beholder?

I hope I’m not offending you! I love your work and you’re one of my Medium “idols” who has done so well I can only dream of reaching your level.

Write on. I learn from people like you.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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