I Want Ice In My Tea

Is that too much to ask?

Carol Burt
3 min readMay 12, 2022


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Today was day three of living without a kitchen or dining room. The surprise work that started suddenly is proceeding in our kitchen, and as of tonight, all of the kitchen and a bit of the dining room are sporting the gorgeous brand new floor.

I almost stopped everything when they tore the 50’s era linoleum off the dining room floor and found — beautiful hardwood that only needs refinishing. But that would have changed the job, and the company doing the work for me does not refinish hardwood.

With a big sigh, I decided to go ahead and cover it with the new waterproof vinyl tile, as long as no adhesive is used. (It locks together somehow). Me, or more likely, whoever owns this house next, can easily have the vinyl floor covering removed and hire someone who refinishes hardwood. I doubt that will happen in my lifetime.

The vinyl is easy to care for and very beautiful on the floors of those two rooms, so it’s not going to be in my plans to refinish the hardwood. I’m glad to know it’s under there — safe and pretty much just as it was 97 or so years ago.

The more work I have done on this ole house, the more I discover what a good old house it really is.

But, boy, am I tired of having workers inside and listening to equipment all day. Now it’s mostly the rubber hammer locking the tiles in place. It was hammering, sawing, and screws being driven with electric drills for days. Whew, it was noisy.

I’m hoping they will finish tomorrow or at least put my refrigerator back in the house. It’s hard to keep raiding the fridge when you have to go outside on the back porch to do it. The chief snack sneaker, my husband, who has diabetes, has been unable to sneak his forbidden snacks, and his blood sugar has been quite good the last few days.

I guess there are some advantages, but the downstairs living room, foyer, back porch, and everywhere downstairs except the rooms where they are working and my little writing den are full of stuff that came out of the other rooms.

Hubs and I have sat here crowded in among dining room chairs, lamps, china cabinets, etc., in a small space they left us in the middle of the room. We can’t do much but hang out on our computers or…



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