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If Crones Ruled the World

I think we’d be better off, what do you think?

Carol Burt
7 min readJun 21, 2022


First off, make no mistake. I’m not talking about the crones that are defined by one dictionary as “ugly old ladies, usually skinny and wrinkled.”

I’m talking about crones by their real definition, as a fountain of wisdom and frequently revered by some sects of ancient people.

I like this but I cannot find the name of the author. “…the sacred passage from motherhood to cronehood may occur when a woman becomes a grandmother, retires from her active profession, or when she transitions through menopause… (from an unattributed piece on The Sisterhood, a Facebook group).

And this, also unattributed, but true, “a crone doesn’t ever get over her grief, but she moves on from it anyway.”

Sometimes in folklore crones are said to have magical or supernatural powers, but they aren’t the same as witches. The crone is also a symbol of wise and aged womanhood. The crone is known to be more knowledgeable about life in general and wise to the ways of humans.

I like the definition given by which defines a crone as: A woman who is venerated for her experience, judgment and wisdom. We should be treated like that even if we can’t rule the world. I think the young women of today, when they are old, will demand it.

We birthed those babies, raised those children abandoned by others, and lavished our love all over children of the world by other mothers even if we had none.

A mean old woman?

Wikipedia, if you believe anything found there, basically says a crone is a mean old woman.

But I don’t care if people find me a little bit sinister. I can’t blame them. I’ve gone from a resting bitch face to a resting bull dog face. Then I cut off all my hair — all of it for summer — just to show the whole grouchy bull dog face. So there! Whippersnappers better be afraid of me.

Anyway, if crones ruled the world, I think we’d all be better off. I know that is sexist as hell, but I don’t care. Men have gotten away with being sexist since the beginning of time. If I want to be sexist, I will. At least for the purposes of this piece.



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