Republicans and Trump are Responsible for the USA’s Lack of Response to the Pandemic

I’m going to rant. If not I may internally combust. This is my opinion and I’m voicing it because I hear and see people shrug and whine that it’s because of “politics” that the US is ill-prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic.

I’ve lost any patience I ever had (which wasn’t much) for anyone who continues to support Trump and the Republicans. I’m tired of stupid people. I’m sick of Trump’s mismanagement, ignorance, craziness and general idiocy which is liable to get us all killed.

I’m also tired of people who complain “politics” got in the way of the government getting its work done. Saying it’s “politics” is no excuse for the lack of Coronavirus testing, containment procedures, etc. It is “politics” causing the problem. It is Trump and his mostly incompetent staff. His whole administration is a mess and nothing is working like it should.

Trump’s cabinet members, selected for political loyalty and not for expertise, are not the right people. He keeps firing good people and replacing them with people who will lick his boots, but who are unqualified and incompetent.

Why would we even be surprised that the US response to the Coronavirus is one of the worst in the world. It’s been a complete fiasco since the beginning. What did we expect out of a government run by Trump? Even though he knew in December of this threat, he did absolutely nothing to prepare.

It’s not “just politics” causing lack of progress in Congress, as some former Trump supporters sheepishly mutter. It’s Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate. They are in control.

If only the senate had convicted him and threw him out of office. Many members will fervently wish they had before this is over.

These are the same people who presided over the silly excuse for an impeachment trial with no witnesses in the senate. The Republicans in the senate, with the exception of Mitt Romney, refused to impeach Trump. They are responsible for allowing his charade to continue and allowing him to keep making money off the presidency. They let him to use the office of president for favors and personal enrichment. They have kept Trump in office despite his disregard of the Constitution. They have let him bumble around in his self-enriching, self-serving, ridiculous, and transparent attempt to run the country like a reality show. The are responsible; not politics in general.

Republicans, not “politics” are responsible for Trump not being held accountable

The House, even with strong and strategic leadership from Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi, can’t get anything done because every attempt to legislate stops at the Senate. The - Senate will not even consider most, if any, legislation coming from the House. The nation has been hurt by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to even consider important bills from the House of Representatives, much less pass legislation people urgently need to help them through the pandemic.

It’s yet to be seen whether the Republican majority senate will pass the house bill to help those suffering financial disaster because of the pandemic. Pelosi and the White House, in rare agreement, both say it’s desperately needed. She got it through the house quickly. But will McConnell and his crew of miscreants in the Senate do the same?

Republicans do damage to this nation and fail to honor their oaths or do their duties, and although their reasons may be political, their actions are simply those of Republican senators refusing to work with the Democratic-led House of Representatives for the good of the nation.

Republicans empowered Trump and he has put the country in peril.

Republicans, not “politics” are responsible for Trump not being held accountable, for not defending the rule of law and for going along with his cockamamie ideas. passed huge tax cuts for the rich that the nation could not and cannot afford.

So I don’t want to hear people who supported Trump blame “politics” for the mess this country is in so they can dodge their own irresponsibility in electing him and avoid naming the real problem. The , who would like the poor and sick to disappear. The problem is a party, the Republican Party, which has lost its way, its conscience, and its morality in order to stay in power and support Donald Trump.

It’s like Trump saying “both sides” when white supremacists killed a woman. It isn’t both sides. It is the Republicans. Now that a lot of Americans may die over Trump’s self-serving, pocket-stuffing and bumbling, at least have the decency to put the blame where it belongs.

The republicans and Trump, along and anyone who voted to elect him, are responsible for what happens now. Every death is blood on their hands. They refused to convict him. They held a prior agreed-upon and fixed ridiculous “trial” in cooperation with the accused, the impeached president, and they unlawfully left him in office. He did exactly what he was accused of and more and got away with it. Because of republicans.

Trump is incompetent. Republicans nominated, elected, protected, and continue to support a lying, traitorous, half-crazy, and incompetent president. Not both sides. Republicans did that. History will mark these times as when the republicans abandoned the Constitution, forgot morality, and endangered the nation by continuing to support a president who should not have been elected and who should have been convicted after his impeachment.

It’s not “just politics” as republicans say every time the Trump administration does something stupid and dangerous. It is Republicans who are loyal to Donald Trump and who will not do their duty or recognize their loyalty belongs with the people and the constitution and not with the president.

The chaos that has been the nation’s response to Coronavirus is a purely Republican-made mess.

I don’t know if I can keep from shaking the living daylights out of the next person who whines, “it’s just politics.” It is not! It is Trump. It is the republicans.

This mess was made by republicans. They have the power. Through neglecting their duty they have created a situation wherein American lives will be lost.

From the beginning the US response to the virus was completely inadequate. Trump and the Republicans are guilty of not making preparations for a pandemic that they were told would come. Instead of heeding the warnings of experts, Trump fired them for speaking truth he didn’t want to hear.

Trump responded by brushing it off, telling citizens there was no cause for concern, and then — in about two weeks — lying about it 155 times that have been fact-checked and we’re easily proven to be lies.

He lied to the American people over and over. Then he put Pence in charge of our response to the Coronavirus. Passing the buck much? Yes, quite a bit. He may have known by then that it was going to be a horrible mess — so he decided to let Pence take the blame.

By the way, what happened with Pence? A friend said a bus must have come by. No doubt. Why were we told without explanation that Trump’s son-in-law is now in control of the response? Does Pence have the virus? Where did he go?

Actually he showed up with Trump at a press conference yesterday and his only contribution was to embarrassingly bow to the president, lick his boots, and turn his nose brown by bragging ad nauseam about our wonderful dear leader and savior, Trump.

Then there’s the idiot-in-chief Trump, who has been exposed to the Coronavirus but won’t get tested. He just runs along shaking hands with as many as he can in some apparent show of machismo. He continues amongst what little government we have while others exposed at the same event have self-quarantined. He had dinner with someone who was positive. He entertained the person at Mara Lago, in the dining room there. Since then he’s shaken half the hands in Orlando and met with God knows who.

Now we learn three more people at the event at Mara-Lago have tested positive.

Why won’t he just be on the safe side and get tested to make sure he’s not spreading the virus? What could possibly be his excuse for such recklessness? He’s an idiot and he’s demented are the plausible explanations.

We’re being told these little piddling numbers as to the cases we have in the US, but then we find out almost no one has been tested. They’re reportedly saving the tests for those who are already very sick? Well, that’s a great plan. So we’re just waiting for thousands, maybe millions, to get sick enough to be tested. We’re not even going to test people who know they’ve been exposed? What a great plan.

Contrary to what Trump has said, there’s no fever checks at the airports or anywhere. There’s little to no attempt at containment and that’s indefensible.

There have been allegations Trump turned down tests offered by the World Health Organization. If that’s true, he should be tied up and dragged out of the White House. Heretofore he was just a traitorous liar with questionable mental capacity, but if he turned down test kits that could have helped avoid spread of the virus, he’s responsible for the deaths of Americans and should be removed from office.

Healthcare workers keep saying they don’t have enough tests. How is it that we don’t have enough tests? Why not? How did other countries manage to have enough tests to check large numbers of people?

We’re supposed to be the richest, best developed country in the world, but other countries can test huge numbers of people and we cannot. The numbers coming out reveal only a tiny, minuscule number of Americans have been tested. That’s a sorry state of affairs. And it is because of “politics” but because of the republicans and the Trump administration.

There is no way to make it the fault of the Democratic Party because they had no power to do anything about it or to control the response or lack thereof. This is a Republican failure. Not “just politics,” as republican Trump supporters want to say. This was criminal neglect of duty by Trump and his cronies in the controlling party.

We were in trouble from the time voters elected Trump and it was only a matter of time before there was a crisis and a price to be paid for such irresponsibility. It’s a crying shame how much that price may turn out to be.

How many people will die because of the incompetence of the Trump administration? How many families will lose loved ones? The truth is that without divine intervention it’s going to be a lot. People are going to suffer because of Trump, the republicans, and anyone who voted for or supports him. They are responsible for the failure of the administration to act to protect US citizens.

Politics has little to do with it. This is not politics. It is an evil administration. Coronavirus doesn’t care about politics.

It’s very possible that like other countries, our systems, even our funeral providers, won’t be able to keep up. Already Italy has dead bodies not being picked up from homes because the systems for handling human remains are overwhelmed. In Iran, they’re digging trenches in which to bury bodies That is the horrible truth. How can we think it will be different here?

Sadly, we can’t. It very well may get that bad here. Hopefully it won’t and somehow infection rates will begin to diminish.

But “politics” is not the reason the US was caught unprepared. Trump had the responsibility and power, but did not perform his duties competently or even honestly; Trump is in office because of Republicans who voted for him and still support him.

Politics as usual is not the reason.

The US is not prepared for the pandemic because an incompetent, maybe crazy, and puffed-up narcissistic president and his administration did not prepare.

So, we must now try to live through it — even those of us who never wanted Trump.

I’m well aware this is a rant and nothing else. My mother is 90 and has asthma. If the Coronavirus strikes her I know exactly who to blame. I want the rest of the country to understand where the blame lies, too.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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