I’m Joining the Doomsayers

It’s time to pull the alarm.

Carol Burt


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I just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale for the second time. The ruling on Roe just made it seem like a thing I needed to do. And I’m glad I did.

I will say this — right now is a scary time to read The Handmaid’s Tale — even though it is an excellent work and a worthy read.

The author, Margaret Atwood, has gone on to write a sequel, The Testaments, but I’m not sure I will read that one. I had forgotten enough of the original book to merit rereading it, and it left me just as depressed as it did the first time I read it. It also frightened me, maybe necessarily so. Perhaps we need to be frightened, or more frightened? Because of the knockdown of Roe, the book hit me harder when I read it the second time.

We need to think about the general direction this country is going. Look at the events of the last few years. Do we seem to be moving, as a whole, toward progress and enlightenment? Hell, no.

Are we heading toward Gilead — the fictional country in the book that has created a dystopian nightmare for the women of the nation? And, as usual, women are their own very worst enemies. We must find a way to unite women in what could very well be a fight for women’s very independence.

But what do we make of the women who do not want independence and prefer a sickly co-dependence on men? We know they’re out there. Most of them support Trump. What if he runs and wins? What then?

People, we aren’t nearly scared enough for the times in which we live. We aren’t nearly as involved as we should be, either. Half the country should insist that Donald Trump be indicted for trying to take over our nation on January 6. That’s what he did. It can’t be minimized. If he goes free and is not indicted, those who would tear us asunder will be encouraged.

Every woman, especially, needs to either read the book or watch the series. The same is true for men on the left, but it will excite the male right. Read the book if you have not. Let it be known that we will not go gently down that path. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought anything even remotely like that possible. Now? I don’t know. I can see parallels.

This Supreme Court and all the supporters of Trump daydream about getting all of us smart-mouthed lefties, especially women, under control. They do. Believe it. Ask them.

These new Republicans, who don’t deserve the name of what was once one of two major political parties, are choked and triggered by women in power. They will be careful to avoid putting into power any woman who is not pliable and submissive. They intend to control and subvert women. Completely.



Carol Burt

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.