Into the Eye of Depression

Free Verse — but not recommended for those who are depressed.

Carol Burt
3 min readApr 8, 2021


(Trigger warning)

Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash

Depression is hanging around

Hello, old dark nemesis

I hate you so much

You’re here again already

Messing with my thoughts

Making me think

Or maybe even realize

It is all loss from here

Nothing but loss

One thing after another

All the winning has been done

And now it’s just loss and losing

My winning days are over

I can’t do what I loved to do best

Which I did well enough to show off

Doing the stuff I did better than most

Ah, I was good at some things

I had a few gifts

And many blessings

But always I had this

This black, black, hideous thing

It sucks at me until all joy is lost


Now losing

Losing my quick mind

My ability to find just the right word

Losing my strong fit body

Being left with a saggy and strange one

Losing my grandchildren because

They’re almost all grown up

And their happiest place

Isn’t at my house anymore

They were so adorable

And outgrown me

Without me knowing or noticing

It was never their place

To make me happy

Though I drew happiness from them

Life is the same but never again the same

My daddy is gone some years now

My mother has gone crazy

And it’s making me crazy, too

I think she will outlive me



Carol Burt

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.