Jessica, you write very well and I generally like your stuff. This time I disagree with your premise. I respectfully respond in opposition, though I still respect your right to write and feel differently and value you as a skilled writer.

I predict that if the election is fair and untampered with, Joe Biden will be our next president — regardless of what the far left and the 18 to 20-something crowd wants.

Most older people have known and watched Joe Biden for years and have a much higher opinion, based on his record and history. He’s made many more of these type comments — sometimes the humor is missed by younger people who don’t “get” the references. For the most part, his biting and often funny responses tickle his older moderate supporters. He’s An unapologetic tough ole bird — just what we need to fix this mess and restore the USA.

Joe Biden is electable and will be elected because he is the best candidate but also because he’s the only DEMOCRAT in the race and the only one who speaks to moderate Democrats. Luckily, we real Democrats are the still the majority in our party and also remember Bernie’s disparaging and contemptuous opinion of our party when he’s not using us to run for president. Well, actually, sometimes he disrespects the Democratic Party even as he runs on our ticket.

Joe bites back— and always has — like a number of our best Presidents, but not stupidly like Trump. You’ll find the overwhelming majority of Americans love Joe. He may very well appoint a woman or a person of color as his running mate. He’ll be 100 percent the AMERICAN president and won’t be inviting any dictators to intervene or going to visit North Korea.

The ageism is always applied to Joe- but not to Bernie? Why is that?

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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