Keep Your Social Security

Vote Democrat

Carol Burt


You know the republicans want to end Social Security, right? Well, they do, and they have said so repeatedly, yet people still go trotting off to the polls and vote for republicans who want to rob Americans of what little they have.

These people want to take the widow’s mite, the old man’s too-small stipend, the money from those who need it most, and who worked and saved and contributed to the Social Security fund to ensure they could eat during their retirement days.

Now the republicans want to take it away. End it.

No more trusty monthly stipend for the nation’s retired workers. They worked, they paid in, and yet republicans feel they should simply end the program — and push millions of older adults into poverty so deep they will be hungry and homeless.

Who the hell wants to vote for these people who want to steal grandmother and grandfather’s measly income?

Why, in fact, would anyone vote Republican? Unless one is super-duper rich, there is no benefit in voting for republicans. They do not plan to act in our best interest and never have voted to help the common good.

They’re still raising hell about Biden forgiving student loans, despite the fact these loans put millions of young people under bondage they could not pay their way out of and still live. The government allowed them to make them, the government set upon them to collect, and the government damn well needed to help them out of the quagmire in which they found themselves.

Remember during Trump’s administration when they literally stole from the country’s coffers and gave the money to the country’s wealthiest people? They did that. Check it out. Republicans put the country in deeper debt to give money to people and corporations who certainly did not need it.

But they are screaming about the forgiveness of student loans.
Republicans vote against anything good for the typical person and for anything that further enriches the filthy rich. That’s what they do.
Republicans sink the hopes and dreams of our youth and make harder the lives of everyone who is not rich.

Don’t vote for them. Not for the U.S. House of Representatives (they do not represent you and me, but only big business), not for the U.S. Senate, not for state legislatures, not for executive offices such as governor and even mayors. Don’t vote for republicans, and our country and this world will almost immediately become a better place for all of us — except the super-rich, and the world is already a better place for them. They just don’t want to share it.

Please remember to go vote on November 8 and remember not to vote for Republicans. They do not care about you or me or our children and elders. The former GOP is no more. Don’t vote Republican, thinking it may come back. It is gone. The once reliable conservatives are no longer running the republican party. Voting republican is voting against yourself and your loved ones unless you are very, very rich.



Carol Burt

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.