Killing Us Kills Them

We are the same species.

Evil men are fully in control

They take all that’s there to take

Leaving nothing for the rest

The sick and poor are of no concern

Just let them die fast and soon

The children are being well taught

To live blindly in avaricious fog

Where only the rich are of worth

And materialistic and mercenary lives

Are the absolutely most perfect way

Teach them the homeless hungry poor and sick

Are only bothersome worthless nonproductives

And deserve their humble low station in society

Kids will learn to be poor is a sin among riches

And to be a parasitic capitalist shark is good

There’s no room for any the rich deplore

Only for the whitest white and richest rich

The rest be but annoying and burdensome

Vexing the moneyed stealthy white wolves

They’ve all but eaten the middle class

They flash their bold and bloody grins

Self-satisfied over others’ suffering

And self-righteous haughty and proud

They shake the hands of preachers

Pretending their teeth aren’t pointed

And caked with disgusting gore

From feeding on the trusting poor

God they proclaim is on their side

Otherwise they’d simply not succeed

But while kissing and bowing at their shrine

Made of stinking stained piles of money

Built upon humble graves of the just

They tell their lies to each other

Flashing their forked tongues

They tell themselves so sincerely

They deserve to be at the top

Blind stupid vipers bite themselves

But only their backward eyes die

They take pride and stake claim

To gluttony and the rape of earth

They will not for long triumph

For what they’ve loosed on us

Will kill them just as dead

They need air and water too

They think themselves immune

Above the butchered masses

So safely superior and selfish

They’ve obviously fatally forgotten

Just let it slip their obsessed minds

We’re the same species as they

Idiotically they continue to choke us

Blissfully ignorant that what kills us

Will surely kill them just as dead

They’re out be our saintly kings,

Oh yes they are in full control

And better prepared to outlive us

But who will they lord it over

When they are all that’s left

They will die surely as we do

Albeit just a bit more slowly

First they’ll fight amongst themselves

Over which of them the superior kings

Rich high rollers and captains all

Will have to clean the bathrooms

And sweep the golden floors

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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