I have never cared for labels. They seldom fit. They tend to be based on generalizations, which are always flawed or false.

There’s been a lot of labeling going on in this country lately. Trump makes it tempting; especially when a lot of his labels fit.

But most people cannot be defined by labels.

Liberal is a label. “Baby killer” is an ugly label placed on liberals, yet liberals are anything but that. Liberals are all labeled as “bleeding hearts,” and that one, as far as I’m concerned, is a compliment. If being compassionate and tender-hearted means I’m a bleeding heart, so be it. Not all liberals could be classified as bleeding hearts, though. Some are ruthless. Some will take part in a political feeding frenzy, and not bat an eye when the enemy is bloodied.

Conservatives often don’t fit under their label. Not all are homophobic. Some are in fact, gay. Not all are gun enthusiasts and perceive the Second Amendment as the most misunderstood pillar of the Constitution — just as many liberals do.

Republicans and Democrats do not fit under their labels, either. All Republicans are not Trump supporters and there are Democrats who cannot be labeled “pro-choice.”

Not all religious people are Christians or even of good character. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Being an atheist does not make one immoral. Some police officers are bullies, but most are not. Most protestors are sincere and nonviolent. But some are violent troublemakers.

My point is that labels do not fit people. So often, we confidently label someone or some group, and they prove us utterly wrong.

The country would benefit from a lot less labeling. Labeling requires looking for differences.

The times in which we find ourselves demand we instead seek and embrace our similarities.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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