Living is Not Always Worth the Suffering

In my opinion, Ukrainians live lives worse than death — and the world idly watches.

Carol Burt
5 min readApr 12, 2022


Nukes are the nightmare. The world’s leaders want to avoid even the slightest provocation that might cause a nuke to be used in a war. Putin and a few other insane leaders seem not to care, but are they that brave?

For the most part, we all fear nuclear war. We think it will be the end of us, and it probably will be. We should never forget what is occurring in Ukraine is not a war. It is an unprovoked, criminal attempt to take over a sovereign nation by a power-crazed madman.

But I want to examine for a moment how it is in Ukraine on a personal level. Every evening, I watch ABC World News as the stories only seem to worsen. Tonight I heard at least 10,000 people are dead in one city. Ukraine’s President Zelensky says it is many more.

Most of the survivors, too, suffer burns. And the way they die is horrible beyond imagining. Legs, arms, and sometimes even heads blown off, and then the bodies are often burned, too.

Have you ever had a burn? Nothing is more painful. I’ve had minor burns on my hands I suffered while cooking. If they indicate how it feels to have even more extensive, deeper burns, I can’t imagine how anyone stands the pain. Burning is a terrible way to die. Burning is also a terrible way to try to survive.

Better to be vaporized and forever free of pain.

I put myself there while thinking about it after the news tonight, and a thought involuntarily jumped into my mind.

I’d rather be nuked. I might not even hear the boom or see the flash. I’d simply be gone. Being gone, not existing, would be preferable to me over what they are going through in Ukraine. It does not hurt to cease to exist.

Now, I’m by no means advocating the use of nukes in Ukraine or anywhere else. I’m simply speaking for myself. If I was watching my loved ones enduring what Ukrainians are suffering, if I was watching my children die in fiery explosions, I would rather die quickly — rather we all die quickly and without suffering — from a nuclear blast than to see my children or grandchildren with their legs blown off, blood and charred skin covering their bodies.

Yes, it would be better to die quickly along with one’s beloved family than to go…



Carol Burt

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.