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Maybe I’m a Hypocrite

But hear my story before you judge me.

Carol Burt
6 min readMay 1, 2022


We hauled off and bought a little winter place in Sarasota, Florida, even after I wrote a story saying only rich people can live there now. It is a city I love but have mixed feelings about living in since it is inarguably and obviously an enclave of the rich.

I complained in another story about how the town had been taken over by the rich to the point that normal people and people who work in the service professions can’t afford to live there to staff all the hotels, cafes, retail outlets, etc.

At first, seeing the city I called home in the 90’s become so popular only the rich can buy a home there, I felt dejected (and angry) about our plans to buy a little winter cottage there so I didn’t have to keep enduring the autumn and winter seasons that I so abhor.

But I changed my mind. I’m a woman, so as the sexist’s say, it’s normal for me to change my mind. (There might be a kernel of truth to that saying). I’m a fighter, a warrior woman, a dissenter, and I resist. There had to be some way to live in this town of bookstores, an opera house, one of the best libraries anywhere, active community theater, white sand, powdered-sugar beaches, and glorious sunsets.

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The sun shines nearly every day. And even on days it doesn’t, it usually eventually does. The place is bathed in sunlight, and that is very good for a person with SAD on top of several other mental ailments.

I kept thinking there must be a way.

And then I found one. We bought a manufactured home in a retirement community right in the big middle of Sarasota. It is in North Sarasota, which is not considered the “best” side of town. It is also the fastest-growing part of town. Our house was in North Sarasota when we lived permanently (turned out not to be permanent, eh) in the city.

I found some advertisements for manufactured homes in retirement communities (only people 55-plus can live in them). We went to look at them, and within a short time we bought…



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