McCarthy Still Lacks the Votes to Become Speaker of the House

Carol Burt
3 min readJan 6, 2023

Despite expectations and a historic number of votes, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) has been unable to get the needed 221 votes to become Speaker of the House.

The 20 republicans refusing to vote for McCarthy are mostly a bunch of nutwads, but McCarthy is no shining example of integrity, either. They have refused 11 times in 11 calls for votes.

They are people like Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebart, and Matt Gaetz — in other words the lunatic fringe which has been winding its way through Republican party for years.

But now these 20 have crippled the party, and could prove detrimental to the country. The House of Representatives is shut down. One arm of our government is totally paralyzed. Even Trump has told them (all Trump supporters) to knock it off and vote McCarthy in as the speaker.

One republican was overheard saying the party’s inability to elect a speaker was making the party look ridiculous. Well, it’s too late for that since they’ve looked ridiculous now for more years than I want to count.

I don’t know if anyone of the 20 even know who they would vote for instead of McCarthy if given a choice. They simply refuse to vote for McCarthy. Eleven times now.

That means the House of Representatives remains without a speaker, when there are many, many duties the Speaker should be performing by now.

Tomorrow (incidentally January 6) will be almost a week without an operating House of Representatives. McCarthy was so sure he would be elected Speaker that he moved into the Speaker’s office. Gaetz has raised an objection and wants McCarthy kicked out of the office he moved into prematurely — like before he was elected as Speaker. Little case of over-confidence there on McCarthy’s part, but Gaetz is so reprehensible that I’d rather see McCarthy stay holed up in the speaker’s office without being elected speaker than I would for Gaetz to prevail in any action.

If it weren’t for the very real risks to the security of the country, I’d find it all quite humorous. Well, I kind of do, anyway. The got themselves a majority in the House, and they can’t agree enough to elect a speaker and get on with it. Who elects these bone-heads?

McCarthy, all pumped up and sure of a win moves into the Speaker’s office. Then he can’t get the necessary 221 votes to become speaker. Must be frustrating, and if McCarthy is…



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