My daughter had to go to the dentist today. She has no dental insurance and even if she bought some today, it would be six-months before she could use it.

It will cost $2,100 to save one tooth which she obviously waited too long to have fixed. But, she didn’t have the money. Rather than her have a gap in her beautiful smile, her dad and I are going to pay for it.

She’s getting a root canal and crown. One. $2100. To fix one tooth. But if she didn’t have her parents to help her, she’d go around with a rotten, abscessed tooth until possibly getting septic and ending up in the hospital fighting for her life, which would be much more expensive than a root canal — even at this price.

It better last a long, long time.

And how long will we be victims in this country of giant pharmaceutical corporations getting rich off the sick, and of medical care being a for-profit business?

We teach doctors. Often in public universities and subsidized colleges. Some get a lot of government assistance. That is us. We are the government. It is our money. Then we pay a king’s ransom for an office visit.

Hospitals are the same way. Either fees have to come down to the point that the average person can afford to get sick, get a cavity, or go to the hospital when needed, etc.

It’s past time — so far past time — that the United States make healthcare, including dental and vision, accessible and affordable for all citizens. If the rich and well-insured have to wait longer to get an appointment, and can’t have everything they want, including unnecessary tests, so be it.

The size of one’s bank account shouldn’t be linked to how long one can live a healthy life.

Can we not see our current barbaric and uncivilized “care for the rich,’ system as the evil and unfair class discrimination it is?

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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