My Watch doesn’t Understand Me

It gives me no credit for my hardest work.

Carol Burt
2 min readSep 6, 2022


This damn Apple watch my generous husband got me for Mother’s Day back in May doesn’t give me credit for the hard work I do.

It does not understand that when I am sitting at the computer, I am working. It thinks I’m laying on the couch all day and sends me messages accordingly. I fully expect one of them soon to say, “Get the hell up,” because it is intrusive and rude like that.

Since I’ve been sitting here writing today, it has said, “You missed your goals yesterday. Make today better.”
Then a little later, “It is time to get up and move or your rings (a measure of what I do such as standing, walking, etc.) won’t be completed.”

I finally get up from the computer and walk around throw my arms high in the air, etc., and then sit back down just to get the thing to shut up and stop interrupting my train of thought.

The watch says, “Good for you for moving; keep it up.”
I just took it off and laid it on my dresser in the bedroom. It can talk to itself.

It would be great if it knew how to count words I’ve written, but this “get up and move” stuff gets old in a hurry. I didn’t even fulfill my standing time yesterday and got a zero on exercising. I did have about 2000 steps, but that’s nothing, it subtly told me. It can’t stand to leave me alone when I’m not moving. And if I am moving it signals for more, more.

I think I’ll go mix up some fudge and beat it while wearing the watch. That will mess it up. Maybe it will think I’m exercising.

Damn watch. Anyway.



Carol Burt

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