We write

We record it all

We are afraid

Afraid to hug

Even our loved ones

Or approach anyone

We are locked in our homes

There’s a monster outside

An invisible vicious killer

Who can stop our breathing

Choke us on our own fluids

A killer who can live long

Even when no one is there

It’s lurking everywhere

So we try to be nowhere

We are scared for our kids

For our elders

And even ourselves

This is the wrong time

To lack a competent

US president

We have a blithering idiot

Instead of a leader

The worst president ever

Was still better by far

Than this wicked con

Who speaks no truth

Denies his outright lies

Who says it’s no problem

And prescribes snake oil

From his bully pulpit

Just be calm he says

Let’s steady the market

To save the stockholders’ bucks

He is visibly insane

It’s hard not to see

But still his flunkies

Listen and let him be

Loosed upon us

His passion is only for money

And his own needful fame

He is evil like the root

Which he lusts for

With heavy breath

And hooded eyes

For money he deceived

And hoped to hide

Truth and the toll

He salivates for more

And more


He seeks accolades

Hordes of worshiping fans

Who oblige from their blindness

We face the worst of times

With no strong sane hands

On the wheel to guide

So we careen

This way and that

Threatening to sink

Our nation


God help us

Our own beloved people

Must die… alone

Gasping for breath

In this wretched time

Isolated from loved ones

No hand to hold

No funerals can be had

Can’t go to pay our respects

No comforting each other

For the monster lurks

Even in our tears

And in the bodies

Of its victims

Our own beloved

We are told it gets worse

By people who know

While still he denies

But so good it would be

How brave we could be

If only an adult were in charge

Who was neither vain

Nor mad dog crazy

We must rid ourselves of him

Or that crazy old man

And the monster

He allowed to run ahead

Will see us all dead

Our leader won’t miss us

He’ll be glad to see some go

Especially the most irksome

And noisy troublesome

Like we who write

And speak up

And never shut up

Who are afraid

But not silenced

Never silenced

We will tell the story

Over and over

In a multitude of ways

With multiple voices

Until we all die away

Someday not now

Not all of us

We are millions

We will live to tell it

In glaring detail

This will be captured

All will be told

To save the future

From our regrets

To show it matters

Who we elect

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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