New Book, “A Warning” by Anonymous Is Brilliant

Spoiler: There’s no new information about Trump in it.

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A Warning” by Anonymous is a book seemingly meant to provide an excuse for Republican legislators who continue to support and refuse to impeach Trump.

While speculation grows as to the identity of the author, it doesn’t matter much since the author (or authors) didn’t really write this little history primer/party promotion book to expose Trump. Not at all. It’s real purpose is to give Republicans excuses, just like the author makes excuses for remaining complicit in an incompetent administration when actually he and the others who claim to patriots before partisans should be whistleblowers.

When the Republican-led Senate refuses to remove Trump from office despite the high crime of extorting a foreign country to take actions against his political opponent, they need an excuse for their dereliction of duty. They will use ideas put forth in this book as among their excuses, if not their primary excuse.

The author my be a political strategist

The author is as likely to be a political strategist as a speechwriter or any other paid party lackey in the Trump administration. It could be a cooperative effort from several members of the administrative team.

After all the high-minded recitations of history, even as far back as Ancient Greece, it really just an argument for leaving Trump in office. Ironically, it makes this argument after citing instances reflecting how petulant, immature, narcissistic and generally incompetent he is.

Even so, there’s little new information about inside the Trump administration. The author is still clearly not revealing anything about Trump’s mismanagement and lowering of presidential standards we didn’t already know. Where is the implied expose the book promotion hyped? There is no expose. Unless one hasn’t been following the news there’s nothing really new about the faltering presidency of Donald Trump.

The author is no amateur

It wouldn’t be in the least surprising to eventually learn the book was commissioned by someone like Mitch McConnell or Mike Pence. Even the RNC would probably have paid to have this book written.

One thing stands out, and that’s the writing is professional and shines like a gem. “A warning” was not written by anyone other than a highly skilled professional author with excellent editors.

The dirty tricks the Republicans in which the Republicans are willing to engage become more sophisticated as time passes. But this book, besides being high-level propaganda, was political genius. As smart as it is, it’s also horribly manipulative and evil. Stephen Miller comes to mind when those adjectives are used, but I don’t think he’s the author.

The GOP has no intention of allowing Trump to be impeached. That is clear. The mystery is why Republicans are willing to fall on their swords to protect a warthog like Trump. Many of them will lose their re-election bids because of it. So, why? That’s still the biggest political question of the decade.

The author expects us to believe that he or she is so worried about the country they wrote a book to warn us. One can almost picture this caricature of a loyal Republican staffer, but patriot, hand-wringing and losing sleep over whether they should stay or go for the good of the country. Poor thing is distraught and torn.

I was initially fooled

They almost had me. But it doesn’t ring true. There’s a phoniness to it. The slant intended to cast Republicans and their appointees in a painful, pitiful, but noble position simply doesn’t hold true after a few chapters. It especially falls apart in the epilogue, but before that the sincerity of our beleaguered but conscientious “high-level advisor” becomes increasingly suspect in the chapter about apologists.

I saw some reviews lamenting the media has been mostly silent about “A Warning.” Hopefully that’s because the media is not easily fooled. “A Warning” is high-level manipulation.

It is well-written. I concede it is beautifully written, a work of intelligence, art, and craftsmanship. And it is political genius.

Throwing Trump out would not have dire consequences, but that’s the premise

Notice that even while preaching about voting, the author never advises us to vote Democrat? He/She claims to be deeply troubled about how awful and dangerous Trump is— but at the end of the book we learn this author doesn’t want him impeached.

Instead we’re given a meant-to-be terrifying warning about the danger if we impeach the no good bastard. The author issues a dire warning such an act could cause a civil war. Civil war? Really?

Give us a break.

If Trump is found guilty and removed from office his supporters will organize and start a war. Ok, let’s carry that warning into a possible reality: The folks who can’t or won’t take time to educate themselves other than by watching a little TV “news” on Fox’s entertainment network are going to suit up for a civil war?

The US military could handle it

That’s pretty laughable and outlandish even for Republican talking points, which have admittedly been bizarre in the last few years. We are to believe, and live in fear the same people who can barely get away from NASCAR and World Wide Wrestling to eat are going to launch a civil war?

Even if such a preposterous thing were to happen, the US military could easily defend us against any charging red hat-wearing rebels and swiftly put an end to an uprising of the Trumpsters.

The takeway is the author wants the nation to be afraid to impeach Trump? Not hardly the message America needs to hear from some insider with questionable motives.

The “Warning” is not to impeach Trump and a disappointment

“The Warning” is a disappointment. Billed as an expose, it seems to be more about warning us not to impeach our criminal president than it is to warn us of his incompetence and utter deviousness.

Brilliant. Except I’m not buying it and neither should anyone else. This book will be revealed as what it is — a very smart political ploy. It does not try to deter Trump supporters or educate as to how lawless the Trumpster is, but instead it means to scare the hell out of the rest of us. It’s a warning to those who would throw him out of office and into jail right now that they’d better not.

Didn’t work on me. I’m not scared of the MAGA idiots. I’m also not accepting as excuse that the Republican-controlled Senate doesn’t convict Trump because they fear it might start a civil war. Balderdash.

But again I admit it is beautifully written and brilliant political strategy. The passages about history and philosophy are enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable. There is much valuable information as to the purposes of government versus the reality.

The idea of a political mastermind

“A Warning” was the idea of a political mastermind much smarter and more terrifying than Trump. The strategy isn’t obvious, but the takeaway is. Considering the timing and preachy conclusion the purpose becomes crystal clear.

The timing of this book coincides with when the Republican-led senate will be forced to consider removing Trump from office. That is no accident.

What a perfect excuse to refuse to do so. They will claim it might cause a civil war. They will say they are protecting the country by not convicting him. What their proper action would do is put him out of the Oval Office and eventually lead to he and all his cronies going to jail. That’s the best outcome for the nation.

Good try, Anonymous. If you were real and so troubled about the nutcase in chief, you would go tell Congress like the whistleblower did.

But you won’t. Because you aren’t.

Spare me the sermon designed to give the GOP an excuse to not impeach him. This book is designed to allow Republicans to once again shirk their duty and refuse to convict the menace they put in office.

The book, “A Warning” is nothing more than an admittedly clever political trick, although it is a notably well-written and interesting book.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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