Old White Men Need to Go Home

Photo by Craig Whitehead

Why do we let old white men run everything? That’s a really stupid way to run the country. A lot of old white men have their wives driving them around by the time they’re 70 or so, because women last longer, have more patience, keep their skills sharp by using them, and don’t need the stress it causes them to let an old man drive.

Yeah, yeah, I know many old men are still the primary drivers. But can they feed themselves? My old man can’t. He waits like a little bird for me to put food in front of him. (You know you do, Ray). Do most old men take care of their own clothes? I don’t think so. Not unless “the wife” dies or leaves and he has to learn how washers and dryers work. I don’t think I ever saw my dad put a piece of clothing in a washer or dryer, and he was pretty typical.

Now don’t beat the dickens out of me responding that this piece is ageist, sexist, etc. I know it is. Both. But I don’t care. See, it’s the truth. I’m getting around to saying something kind of important: Old white man have run this country far too long, and they need to be stopped. They’ve already driven us through some pretty deep ditches and now we’re headed for the cliff.

Yes, I know younger men have gotten better at life skills we’ve learned can (gasp!) be performed by any gender. But we aren’t talking about young men here. I’m talking about old farts. Yes, you heard me. Old goats, old farts, old timers, and old fools like the ones running the country.

If you’re an old man or you’re crazy out-of-your mind in love with an old man, I don’t care. I’m going to call this one like I see it, which happens to be how it is.

Senators Chuck Grassley, and Orrin Hatch are 87 and 86, respectively. Congressman Ralph Hall is 91. Mitch McConnell is just a spring chicken compared to many in congress. He’s just 78. The average age of both the senate and the house has been increasing for the last 20 years. These guys are making laws they probably won’t live long enough to break.

The primary problems in the country is that old white men are still running almost everything.

We need to elect younger people to congress in November. It’s time for some balance. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both in their seventies. We can add some balance to the nation’s government by electing more women (which will be a repeat of 2018), more minorities and younger people in general.

Why do we have people making laws for us, and making decisions to affect private lives, who are working 20–30 years past the time most other rich (they’re all rich) people retire? How much can an 88 year-old identify with the 20 to 40-something year-olds who make up most of the work force? They can’t and that’s one of the reasons we’re in this mess.

These old folks (yes, there are some old ladies, too) have no idea what it’s like for younger people trying to make a living.

Joe Biden is probably going to be president, and he’s 79. He’ll be the oldest president ever elected, but the Democrats chose him. They did so because they know he can beat the pants off Trump simply because he’s a good old man and Trump is a nasty, lying old man.

So, let’s have Joe. That’s ok with the majority of US citizens if the polls can be trusted (and of course they can’t). But can we please have some younger lawmakers.

Old men have had their chance. They’ve been running this country since the beginning. They don’t have the decency to step aside and take their golden congressional retirement packages, so we need to retire them.

We need healthcare, and these old poops are never going to give it to us. They owe too much to the insurance companies. We need more money spent on education, and they aren’t concerned about that — the dang kids are already too smart as far as the eighty-something crowd is concerned.

My votes will go to the women and the younger people. Help me out here. We’ll be doing them a favor. They don’t know it, but they need to be sent out to pasture. I hope the American people see that, too, and herd them out to the green grass of retirement. We’d be doing ourselves a huge favor and doing them one, too, whether they believe it or not.

And while we’re at it, let’s put a retirement age on the senate and the house. Since people are living longer and since long terms in congress lead to nothing good for the people, let’s make them retire at an age when almost everyone else who is able to has retired.

It’s past time to let the younger people have a say in running their country and controlling her future, since they’ll be the ones living under the laws.

Move over, gramps. It’s time to let go.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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