Or, you might whack her upside the head! Just kidding but you just wrote, sort of, the story of my sister and I trying to help our 90 year-old mom who has not only list her short term memory for the most part, but is quarrelsome and even a mild suggestion can cause her to explode. “I’m not that bad off and I’ll do as I please,” she says! (Of course, that’s been her motto all her life…does as she pleases)!

She still lives alone and it will be pure hell if she gets to where she can’t. I’m pretty sure she’s going to outlive both of us, 65 and 68. She never smoked and until a few years ago was more active than either of us. Her house is still cleaner than mine.

We got her a computer years ago. My husband, a retired computer scientist, set it up as foolproof and easy as humanly possible. Lemme’ tell you, she found ways to mess up that computer that he couldn’t even find. She finally got it crashed badly enough that a tech she hired look at it, because, you know, it was our fault we couldn’t fix it for her.

The tech, after a big bill, told her the operating system was toast and she needed to get a new computer! He didn’t know how she did all she did, either.

This time we tried introducing tablets. But they’re too small and hurt her eyes to read. So we got her a BIG tablet. A Kindle, set it up simple for just her email, books, large print, and Facebook, which she uses. My husband has to “fix” it for her often! But so far so good

Now we’re having trouble with her not staying in. She took herself to the grocery store twice now — with us begging to go for her. Sneaked off. She had furniture delivered to her house, and she says she’s Damn well going to eye doctor Monday, “cause he’s got to do something about my eyesight!” He can’t make her understand or accept that there’s only so much he can do! She does NOT accept age limitations, at all. Her third pair of horribly expensive hearing aids are now “no good” because she can’t hear as well as she did.

Lawd, we try to be patient but oh my soul! LOL This woman retired 3 times. The last at 78 years-old, and still took a part time job until she was 80! She had a big garden until about 3 years ago. She goes charging off to neighboring towns to shop her favorite stores. Ohhhh me.

I got you. I get it. I really do! Too much time on their hands is disastrous!

Hang in there! We love them but they’re a bit more difficult than a two-year-old.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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