Elected officials are accountable for their bad, and sometimes murderous behavior.

Elected officials are also responsible for cops attacking the news media. They need taken down and retrained as to their role in a free society. Officials in charge aren’t going to pull their warriors off us until they must.

Now that we’ve seen first hand police attacking citizens, we can’t just give lip service and carry on with it. The system that led to it happening must be defeated, torn down, and eliminated.

The police no longer have respect for anyone’s rights. They have zero respect for the Constitution or the rights bestowed by it. They are like Trump, lawless. We see it everywhere.

Now they have injured members of the US press deliberately. These reporters are one of the most important elements in the scheme of the primary design that keeps America free. The press, often called the fourth estate, are the eyes and ears of American citizens. Without the media— especially in this present time — our government would immediately operate in secrecy and we would all be under the heavy hand of an authoritative state.

Police attacking anyone is bad enough, but police attacking members of the press will steal our country and remove all our rights and freedoms. The media is every bit as important to freedom as elections are. Without one, we we can’t have the other one. The right to vote and select our government is our most important right. The right to watch what they’re doing is our right, too.

Trump has screamed “Fake News” so much that the cops feel free to attack members of the news media.

This sorry state of affairs needs to be corrected immediately. America cannot allow and will not survive cops attacking members of the media.

A photojournalist lost her eye, for crying out loud. A woman who made her living with her eyes was shot in the face with some kind of projectile and severely wounded by a damn cop who purposely shot her as she held up her press credentials and screamed “press.”

Reporters were arrested. Reporters and their crew were attacked. No! We cannot have that unless we’re ready to give up our freedoms.

If it had been a member of the protest group it would be just as serious, but the fact that it was someone providing information about the protest to “we, the people” makes it not only hideously wrong, but threatens our very right to watch and control our government.

When did the police decide they have any business interfering with a peaceful citizen’s protest? Who let them get the idea they could push, shove, punch, shoot and gas citizens congregated for a lawful protest? They do not own our streets. Those are actually their bosses they’re shoving around — we, the people, we the electors, and we the taxpayers.

Those people are trying to cause positive change and are being beaten, shoved, knocked down, gassed, tasered, and, God help us, shot. The bullets may be rubber, but they do maim and injure. They take out people’s eyes, they break skin, they bruise. They hurt. We can’t breathe.

What in God’s name are we doing by allowing this start of a police state to continue?

The job of the police is to enforce laws made by the people — All the people — through our elected representatives. We are their master and they work for us. If we want to walk peacefully in the street to protest, they have no authority to stop or try to contain us.

They are out of control and our local, state, and federal authorities are allowing them to continue to act like Nazis. Elected officials, YOU have allowed this to happen. Control your cops. Call off your war dogs. And get them out of their ridiculous armor, off their tanks, etc. They need to understand they are not our rulers. Teach them civics, for heaven’s sake. We must stop this right now. Not just the job of black people. All of us! We all need to stand with our fellow citizens to stop the needless killing. We saw with our own eyes that the cops killed a man. We’ve seen it before. No excuses anymore.

The police are not our masters and they cannot be allowed to roam the streets killing black people. This is not the 30’s or the 60’s. This is now. And we must stop it. Now. For good.

I believe our Founding Fathers would agree completely. My 90-year-old mother agrees the government, and through them, the cops, are out of control.

I do not know who is rioting but whoever it is, how can we place blame? Black people are being policed just as if they were Jews in Germany. We going to allow that?

Here’s exactly what happened in a few words: Citizens came to have a peaceful, lawful protest. The cops brought the violence.

The protestors were peaceful, and most remained so until the cops turned violent towards them. It is plain. We saw it. The reporters saw it. The violence was started by the police and their sympathizers who want a reason to hurt black people and those who dare to stand with them. They mean to teach us a lesson about not bowing to their commands.

The police must be reined in by the chiefs in their departments. Right now.

Then we need to have a conversation about whether we even need this kind of militarized policing in this country (hint: we don’t). And the police do not have a say. Too many city and county governments let the police have everything they ask for. Even if it’s a damn tank.

They are our employees. Every one of them is under the authority of a city, county, state, or federal agency.

If elected officials can’t control them, we can. At the ballot box or in the streets or both — we can control them and we must. Right now.

I tried but I’m not sure I have expressed how dangerous it is to let the police bully the news media and attack free citizens. I heard a protester say to a police officer, “get your hands off me.” Indeed. Get the police off our press and our citizens.

I’m white and a grandmother but I’m going to join the protest in word and deed. We all should. Enough of this outrageousness.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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