Republican Senators Stick With Donald Trump

No matter what the evidence may reveal

Photo by Anthony Garland on Unsplash

We are in serious trouble and our constitutional republic is far from operating as intended by the founders. Tonight’s news was frightening. It illustrated the peril in which we now find ourselves as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed the impeachment trial in the senate will be conducted in cooperation with the White House. He seems to mean Donald Trump, the accused, will control his own trial. McConnell will agree to the wishes of the president, he said, as to how the trial is conducted.

Senators sworn to defend the constitution are standing before cameras and microphones and saying — apparenty without shame — that they will not do their duty and impartially hear the case and examine the evidence against Trump.

No matter what is revealed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Republican senate majority will stand by the president. He might as well say, “I’ve made up my mind, don’t try to confuse me with the facts.” It’s an old joke except it’s not funny when members of the senate like McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham(R) say it and mean it.

I realized a few weeks ago that the Republicans will support him no matter what. Party before country and money before honor has become their motto. It’s still surprising they would take such a defiant unconstitutional position and publicly broadcast their lawlessness. They refuse to do their duty. It is as simple and terrible as that. They plan to allow Trump’s abuse of power and obstruction of justice to continue. The country is in grave danger because of their stubborn refusal to consider the facts. Trump’s mob and the filthy rich own them. They are not the people’s senators, they are Trump’s pawns. We’ve been robbed of representation.

We are farther along the road to ruin than I would have believed just a few weeks ago. It’s the senate’s duty to impartially try the soon-to-be impeached president and listen to argument from both sides. It’s also their duty to make their decisions based on the evidence and witness testimony presented. But senators like McConnell and Graham say their minds are already made up. They will stick with Trump. No matter how obvious his crimes may become during the trial, they will still stand with Trump.

Where does that leave democracy or justice?

Senate Republicans basically say they will conduct the trial exactly the way the man being tried directs. I know a lot of criminals who would love to get that deal. Even if Trump is found guilty as charged by the House, the Senate will leave him in office. They probably know even more than we do about his crimes, but they’re going to ignore them even if his lawlessness is publicly proven.

They are despicable.

Unbelievably, it’s time for some to begin thinking about getting out of this country before Trump’s flunkies build gas chambers and furnaces. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but unfortunately it’s true. I hate to imagine what will happen to those of us who write against him. I wonder if some of my friends and family will still support him if he has me executed? He would like to do that today to any media not supporting him.

I predicted in the beginning that Trump would be impeached. Silly me. I didn’t believe or maybe just didn’t want to believe a president making shady deals with America’s enemies would be tolerated. He publicly asked Russia to get Hillary Clinton’s emails — and Russian hackers did just that. Our election was tampered with, and with him in office, probably will be again. He sides with our enemies against our friends and they pay him back. Having him in office is Russia’s dream come true. Vladimir Putin is destroying us from the inside and Donald Trump is a willing tool.

I couldn’t believe or didn’t want to believe Trump could get away with soliciting political favors from a foreign country. The foundation of democracy is fair elections. He was using aid money appropriated by Congress to bribe a foreign country to help him smear his opponent and strengthen his candidacy.

I would not have believed he’d be able to command people to ignore subpoenas from the US House of Representatives and get away with it. It was and is an obvious abuse of power. His action was intended both to strip power from another branch of government and to hide any wrongdoing by refusing to let people who may have had information testify. By doing so he was also tampering with potential evidence. We supposedly have a balanced government structure in the executive, legislative and judicial branches. He has consistently tried to manipulate and suppress the roles and duties of the other two branches and add power to the executive branch.

I naively thought the senate would rise to the challenge, conserve their honor, and perform their sworn duty, even if reluctantly. I thought their constituents would demand it. I thought such obvious crimes and abuses would be punished. I thought our government would prove to be strong and intact. It is not. It is sold out.

I never seriously thought the legislative branch would allow the president to become a ruler. The Senate is apparently preparing to do just that by refusing to consider the evidence and try him.

Trump’s supporters do not understand what is happening and what it means to all of us, our children, grandchildren and beyond. Sadly, soon enough they will know that Trump is not their advocate or their savior. They will have to face what those of us who have studied, watched and reported politics and government already know. We are all being defeated, not by war, but by a power-crazed grifter of low character who has disastrously gained power.

When the senate blatantly refuses to defend the constitution and chooses to stand by a mere man instead of the ideas embodied in our constitution, we are done. Democracy is failing.

The things that may well follow will be just formalities. Our soldiers have died in vain if we can no longer have fair elections and expect our elected officials to rise to perform their duties at such a critical juncture in our history. Our hard-won and maintained freedom is lost if our elections will no longer represent the will of the people. A president has defied the rule of law and will apparently get away with it. Our great experiment has failed. And Donald Trump is about to be the king.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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