Sad or Bad News is All We Hear

Aren’t we due a break yet?

Photo by Fa Barboza

Watching the ABC World News this evening, October 26, 2020, made me want to cry. I don’t know when I’ve ever heard a news program so dire, so seemingly hopeless. What are we to make of this year that will have a rare full moon on Halloween on top of everything else?

There was not one news story tonight that was hopeful, good, or even neutral. Basically, it all sucked.

Murder Hornets are the least of it, although they were found in the United States, and they may decapitate all the bees and cause us to starve to death when nothing produces food for lack of pollination. When the bees die, we die. So, the news informed us of some big, monstrous, stinging bugs right out of the biblical book of Revelation, coming to torment humans and kill bees…and eventually starve us. Oh, boy.

Then there are the fires in California. Thousands are losing their homes and will be lucky not to lose their lives. The fire is fanned by an unbelievable, 60–70 mph wind, terrifying in its speed and capacity for burning everything in its path — including people and animals.

A hurricane is poised to hit Louisiana or North Florida again a little later this week. The rain-soaked area has been hit by 5 hurricanes or tropical storms this year. Ah, 2020, the year to remember if we live through it.

Stocks took a nosedive.

Coronavirus cases are the highest they’ve been since the pandemic began, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. The Vice President is running around playing super-spreader since he has been repeatedly exposed to his staff, who are now mostly sick with Covid19.

He and mother don’t always wear masks and refuse to quarantine as recommended, because…wait for it…he says he is an essential worker. Essential to Trump’s campaign, maybe. Essential to the rest of us? Nah.

An 18-year-old college kid and a second-grader died of coronavirus this week, and now some hospitals, especially in Texas, say they may have to start selecting who they can admit and turning away those who probably can’t be saved. What country is this again, I forget?

And in the final knockout blow of the day, Amy Barrett was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, despite her likely inability to separate her religion from government. She will help the Republicans remove healthcare insurance for millions and take abortions back to seedy backrooms and dirty cots.

She could even join the other Trump appointees and conservatives on the court to give us somehow four more years of Donald Trump.

We’re in a hell of a mess, as Biden has said.

But what the heck…Happy Halloween. Eat some chocolate.

And for God’s sake, go vote. Vote like you’ve never voted before, vote in such huge numbers Trump can’t argue with it. Smother the orange beast in votes for Biden. And throw out the rest of the Republicans along with their lying leader. We must. We are due a break.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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