Say What?

Who are they and why do they keep changing their tune?

Carol Burt


Now it’s ranitidine we should take out of our medicine cabinets. It maybe- might-could cause cancer? Oh, brother. Now they tell me. I’ve been taking it for many, many years

Smoking will kill us. That much we do know. But vaping was supposed to be a safer alternative. Now vaping is killing young folks. Admittedly we’re not sure exactly what they’re smoking in their vapes or how much. But it’s not considered safer anymore. I mean, it’s even more dangerous than it was when the risk was only that it could blow up in your face leaving you permanently disfigured or set your pants on fire and scorch your pee-pee.

Coffee was once deemed dangerous, too. Coffee! People struggled to get off it. I wouldn’t be surprised if people haven’t died while other people were trying not to drink their morning cup of joe. I know my husband would be in peril if I couldn’t have mine (nevermind that he is anyway).

But it’s ok now, they say. Drink up! A cup or two a day is healthful. We can only hope coffee pots don’t start exploding or emitting dangerous gases.

Sucrose in any form — found in non-calorie sweetners — was absolutely going to rot our brains. But wait! Then newer studies showed it really didn’t; or no studies worth a hoot continue to claim it does. Coca-Cola and Pepsi put the aspartame back in Diet Coke. And now a bunch of us are, uh, fluffy, from the sugar we drank so artificial sweeteners wouldn’t eat our brains. However, I wonder if it’s only my experience that the stuff kills ants? And they writhe around a bit before dying, too. Hmmm.

I think it’s dangerous to be overweight, too. But we fatties will have the last laugh when the famine comes. Besides, bones that are weight-bearing stay stronger. At least that’s what they say. Whoever they are.

We’ve long been told that a breakfast of bacon and eggs — with biscuits and gravy — is a recipe for an early death. But why do I know so many live and kicking old people who ate that breakfast almost every day?

I knew an old man who always ate six eggs for breakfast. I know because my family had a restaurant and I sometimes fried them for him. He was in his nineties the last I heard and was thinking about selling his business and retiring. That ole codger smoked, too.

Chocolate was once forbidden. It was decadent, delicious, and dangerous as all get…



Carol Burt

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.