Thank you for this — for your honesty and humility in sharing it — it’s helpful to me in trying to better understand my addicted daughter. We’ve been on this last hideous roller coaster for 7 years, following a a few years in her late teens.

She stayed sober long enough to marry a good man, have two beautiful children, and a career she loved. She’s 35 now and has been jailed many times. If she can’t get it any other way, she deals to make money to get her own fixes. Like you, it went from pills, to fentanyl, to Heroin, and back to pills, but she can’t get enough money for that anymore.

She’s been through suboxone therapy after opioids, back to opioids, now it’s meth — and that damned stuff is even worse. It’s taking her youth, her beauty, her health and even her once perfect teeth we invested in as she was growing up. She used to swear that no matter what, she’d never be a “tweaker,” but now meth it is. Only thing available, I guess.

She just got kicked out of a court-ordered rehab and is back in jail, and probably headed back to prison as a habitual offender.

She’s had sober periods following forced abstinence in jail. But she can’t shake it. It took away her husband, her kids, everything she ever owned, and has damaged all our family.

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your work .

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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