The Man Was Murdered in the Street.

He died a horrible death at the hands of people paid to protect.

They are trained. And they are murderers. They knew what they were doing could kill him.

It’s not the first time I’ve wept while watching World News. My tears weren’t all sadness. I lost it because a mixture of rage and frustration washed over me like a tidal wave.

There it is. Incredible. A bad dream. Cut and dried, impossible to ignore. In broad daylight with many witnesses. They just — killed him.

They are still free as of tonight. The jails are full of people who hurt no one but maybe themselves. But four men who killed a man are free. Because they’re cops.

Four who had silver badges and blue uniforms killed an unarmed, nonviolent man who did as they asked. A man who no doubt never expected to die at the hands of the people charged with protecting us while a lot of people watched and begged for his life.

The guy choking him is doing so with his knee on the victim’s throat. God help us, the murderer has his hand in his pocket. He’s ignoring shouts from onlookers telling him the man can’t breath. The victim himself begs and begs, telling his attackers he can’t breathe. He calls out for someone to please help him.

Then he dies.

I’m white. I’m a former police officer. I’m old and nonviolent but make no mistake. I stand with the protesters. Those murderous bastards need to be jailed like anyone else would be if they killed someone in broad daylight. They did it just because they could. I resist. I resist a prejudiced and authoritative government represented by subhumans.

Charge the killers. Put them in jail. Right now.

If the city of Minneapolis doesn’t do that I’ll laugh while they burn it down.

We cannot allow cops to continue killing black citizens. In fact, maybe we’ve outgrown the need for government nazis roaming our towns looking for victims.

To hell with them.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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