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The Republicans Would Like More Control over the Presidential Debates

Not to contain their inappropriate candidate from 2020, but to allow him to run roughshod over his opponent and the moderators.

Carol Burt
5 min readJan 13, 2022


The Republican National Committee has said it may prohibit republican presidential nominees from taking part in future Presidential Debates sponsored by the CPD (Commission on Presidential Debates) unless the CPD makes concessions the republicans want instituted before the next debate season.

They apparently want to have more to say about who moderates the debates and are sore that Trump’s mic had to be muted several times in the last debate.

Anyone who saw the debate saw that Trump simply wouldn’t let Biden finish his statements, wouldn’t wait his turn, basically would not cooperate. He did the same thing when he debated Hillary Clinton in 2016 except worse. He was constantly interrupting, making insulting remarks, and generally ignoring the rules of the debate. He even tried to intimidate her by walking up behind her.

I know a rule the CPD should make— tell Trump to stay in his seat or at his podium instead of running around trying to intimidate a candidate like he did Clinton.

They don’t want that rule, though. They want their candidate given freedom to make and then follow or not follow the rules. They want dominion over the debates. They think their candidate will be Trump, and they want him to be able to show out in his usual unacceptable style. They want him to be able to play to the dumbasses, as he always does. His supporters love a rogue.

The announcement the RNC may not allow their presidential nominees to take part in the debates was made by NRC’s Ronna McDaniel today (Thursday, January 13, 2022). She sent a letter to commission co-chairs Frank J. Fahrenkopf and Kenneth Wollack.

The RNC claims that the commission is biased toward the democrats. The letter follows previous threats from the RNC, including a letter in June stating they would advise their candidates not to participate.

Now the threat appears to be that they will prohibit the republican nominee from participating in the well-watched debates unless…



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