There’s No Hill To Go Over; It’s good all the way

When I was 20

They said my thirties

Would be the best years of my life

Thirties were stormy

And certainly not the best

They were hard and painful

I grappled through somehow

And there were the beautiful times

Oh God, heartbreakingly tender

Magic minutes in time

Flash frozen images on my soul

Still on a search for…


But getting closer anyway

Hit forty running and ran that decade

Even made history a time or two

They said that’s over the hill

But it was not

I blasted into forty with my foot in it

Forties were fantastic

One of my best decades

Fifty, I admit, was at first hard to accept,

At first…

That’s when one must face

More than half is usually gone

But the fifth decade was good

I traveled and grew

Oh, the things I came to know

Sixty…nobody said was great

But it turned out to be anyway

In many ways the best

At sixty I hit stride

Now I’ll be 69 this month

This very month of August

And nobody is telling me a damn thing

I don’t already know

Since I’m a wise old crone

And I been places and endured things

Most cannot imagine

If I live to and through my seventh decade

I’m pretty sure

It’s going to be glorious.

Since I am gloriously alive

A well-weathered, fully developed

Fired and honed woman

Yes, of substance

A compilation of all I’ve lived

And age will not shame me

I will instead celebrate

Come on seventies

Here there is peace

I’ve been vetted and refined

And age carries no fear or dread

I survive, no not just

I live and live big

In full feathered flamboyance

Until I do not

That is all.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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