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They Need Help

Just help them — without judging.

Carol Burt
4 min readSep 2, 2022


“They’ll just use it to buy dope or booze.”

That’s the biggest excuse people use for not helping the begging, the starving, and those sleeping on the streets. And it may be true. It is often true. But just because someone is addicted to alcohol or drugs does not mean they do not feel hunger. And these days, don’t assume everyone on the street is there because of addiction. You can safely assume they are human beings with the same needs as your own.

Some are the victims of our society and have been evicted from their homes and have nowhere to go. Not all homeless people can be dumped under the label of addict and ignored. Some think it is just to ignore people who are suffering from addiction.

It is not just. Do not kid yourself.

But if you are afraid they will buy drugs or alcohol, find other ways to help. Keep blankets or coats in your car that you can give a freezing homeless person. I know one person who buys up coats for little or nothing at her local Goodwill store during the summer and then distributes them around her neighborhood as the weather turns cold.

In this rich country, there are little kids who go to school on the coldest days without a coat. Ask a teacher. There are little kids who smell bad and are made fun of by other kids, because their homeless family has no way to shower or wash clothes.

If you ask me, public schools should have showers, washers and dryers available to their students. People should be encouraged to donate their kids’ outgrown stuff, and it should be kept at the school for kids who have inappropriate or dirty clothing. There is so much more we could do.

Give Something, even if it’s just socks.

Many of you have probably heard the story of the guy giving out socks. We who are ok in this world never realize how much a homeless person would appreciate a pair of dry, clean, warm socks.

Food or even a bottle of water is appreciated. I heard of someone who loves to bake but has no one to bake for so she gives the products of her baking to homeless and poor people.



Carol Burt

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