I wouldn’t trade my bright glorious wisdom

So painstakingly and slowly now attained

For your youthful dewy smooth skin

Or the excitement of being newly alive

Because inexperience and sheer stupidity

Is the hard uphill path you must climb

To even begin to know who you are

And learn what matters or doesn’t make a damn

Yes, there are memories so sweet and good

But so much naïveté embarrassing too

Remembering all the times I thought

Something or someone was a good idea

When it or he very obviously was not

Being young and pretty was great

But now I know it wasn’t the best

Because I’ve found now is my time

Wrinkled, wizened and tough inside

There’s steel where only gooey mush

Used to shiver quiver and reside

I can do whatever I please or nothing too

No one counts my hours or claims my days

And especially not my lovely nights

I’m comfortable in this sagging skin

But much brighter and fetching inside

Than when I was a bubble head doll

Youthful but lacking any substance

Only now am I truly fully me

In possession of a self all my own

Completely experienced I’ve become

I am wise as only those who’ve gutted

Through many rounds good, bad and sad

Seasons put their marks across my face

It’s no wonder with all I’ve withstood

So look at me as just an old woman

And think yourself better in every way,

But you’ve yet no weight or substance

And you’re blown about by the wind

This way and that not knowing your way,

But dear in years to come you’ll be okay

When you’ve worn all your youth away

You’ll realize your own wisdom someday

Then like me you’ll be fully your own

And you’ll reap whatever you’ve sown.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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