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I’m about to anger some of my favorite young readers and writers. But I think some things need to be said concerning a few stories I’ve recently read here and things I’ve heard from our children and others.
Did I say I was once an investigative reporter? I can’t remember if I did, but I was. And I wrote a whole lot of stuff people did not want me to write. So, I’m accustomed to writing unwanted stuff. I’m told I do it quite well. Controversy sold newspapers, but I’m not sure it has many benefits on Medium.

Anyway, in this piece, I’m responding to the young people who will not support Joe Biden because he wasn’t their choice of candidates. Some of you say you had rather waste your vote on a third-party candidate or Trump. Really ? Didn’t you do that in 2016 with disastrous results?

I am the mother of young people (GenX and Millenials), so don’t think I’m just picking on other people’s kids when I say your generation still has a lot to learn about politics and government. Some of you, who are generally younger than forty, are exhibiting as much Dunning-Krueger as Trump supporters. Well, no, not that bad. But there’s a touch of it going around in the sense that Dunning-Kruger causes one to feel an illusory superiority; a few here have it.

Life and times are often not precisely what we want. In fact, things are seldom just as we would have them. There is always a compromise. The country can only run well when people are willing to compromise — especially those within the same party.

One of our biggest problems right now is our leaders in Congress won’t compromise. As a result, nothing gets done. The Democrat-led House passed a bill to help us during this crisis, and the Republicans won’t support it because it came from the Democrats — a little like people who refuse to support Biden. After all, he was not their choice.

Compromise will be required for “we, the people” to get anything we need in these challenging times. You want the $100,000 car. But you compromise and buy a nice enough new $25,000 car. Life is a compromise. You’d better learn it now to save misery later.

I don’t know what we Baby Boomers did wrong…well, I do. We spoiled you rotten. But some of you kids grew up into adults who are getting on my nerves these days. Of course, many other things do, too, since I’m a cranky old southern woman with an attitude.

Anyway, the Millenials (born from 1980 to 1994) and the GenXers, (born between 1965 and 1979) are proverbial pains in the butt sometimes. Especially when it comes to politics.

Listen, kids, Bernie is not going to be president, ever. He is a socialist, and America is never going to elect a socialist. Now, don’t throw a fit on me. I’m not saying that he is terrible; I’m just saying he can’t get elected.

There really are some absolute truths, and the fact Bernie will never be president is one of them. We Democrats could not afford to run someone who obviously could not win in 2016, and we couldn’t afford it this year, either. The far left’s time hasn’t yet arrived.

It’s like Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” that if you’re a Bernie supporter, your guy isn’t going to be president. This is a Democracy. We elect our nominees in the primaries. We selected Joe Biden. Fair and square.

You pouted in 2016

But some of you just can’t get it through your heads. You pouted through the 2016 election and helped give us four years of hell with Trump in office. Are you going to pout again because Bernie or someone farther left than Joe did not get elected to be our candidate? Because it was an election. Like a race, kind of. And your horse, or horses, lost. Joe won.

More truths, convenient or not. The United States has not yet progressed to electing a gay president, and sadly, it isn’t going to elect a woman president yet, either. Especially when sulking young people who were for Bernie or someone else sit it out. We almost did it. But the country is still run by old white men.

On the issue of who was best to run against Trump now, this old white woman agreed with the men — for once — that we needed Joe Biden as our presidential candidate. This isn’t the year to break down the barrier. This year our sole goal must be to get rid of Trump. We have Kamala Harris as vice president, and if we win, that is a very, very big deal.

We needed Hillary, too, and some of you helped deny us a woman president in our lifetimes. Just think what a different country this would be right now if the most qualified person to ever run for president had been elected. We’d be in a much better place on every level. A lot of dead people would still be alive.
But, alas, some old people also cut their proverbial noses off to spite their warty faces in 2016. It wasn’t only young people who sat it out or voted for Trump out of some erroneous belief or unfortunate and misplaced hatred for Hillary.

There are less than two weeks before the election, and some far-left people between 25 and 40 years old are still whining every day about who your party chose to run against Trump and refusing to support our candidate.
Lord help me, I’m sick of it.

Please, get the hell over it. For the country, for the party, for yourselves, your grandparents, your parents, and your kids….just get the hell over it. Move on. Your obsession with pushing far-left issues down the throats of centrists and any others who might vote with us is exasperating.

It’s like when we wouldn’t get you the pony. My word, what a bunch of crybabies.

Joe is our candidate. Unless you pout and sit home in record numbers, we are going to handily win this election and see an end to Trump’s twisted administration. Hopefully, he’ll go to jail after he is removed from office.

Doesn’t that cheer you up? It does me. In fact, it makes me happy as a fly in molasses. Come on, join us old baby boomers and be satisfied. We, your parents, spent our lives trying to make you happy. Soon enough, we’ll all die off, and you can have things the way you want. If Trump doesn’t kill us all, you’ll get old and old people have always been the largest voting block. You can be the bosses of the party then.

Meanwhile, many of us old, moderate Democrats have specific ideas about how things work, and we’re mostly right. Age does bring some reason and wisdom. Well, ok, not for everyone, but for most. So, does it ever cross your mind that we were right to run Joe to make sure we could beat Trump?

Despite young people being a little dense about how real politics work, you have us beaten’ on every level, and we’re proud as hell of you. You have to show us how to operate our computers and we’re forever calling you because we’re “stuck again.” I love the way you are raising super non-prejudiced, tolerant, and thoughtful kids. I love that you value hard work and stick up for the poor and working class. I cherish you for being so open-minded and accepting. I am immensely proud of you.

You will truly make the world a better place as we old boomers die off and take our governmental fossils with us. You will take the reins. I just read that you don’t smoke or drink like we did and do. You are much more tolerant of other cultures, religions, or lack thereof, sexual orientations, races, and generally just more accepting. You are unique and amazing kids.

You weren’t as wild as we were growing up. There were not as many teen pregnancies among you. You didn’t wreck as many cars, use as much dope, or drink as much as we did. You are definitely smarter and more positively evolved than we are, and that’s what we wanted for you. We raised you that way. Some of us busted our butts to pay for good educations to prepare you to carry on in the world you will improve.

But kids, we spoiled the dickens out of you. You think the world revolves around you and it’s your way or the highway when it comes to the candidates and the issues you support. You are going to find that’s not an expedient or effective way to play politics.

We should fight with all our might for our candidate in the primaries. But then we all get behind the winner and try to get our candidate elected. The keyword is “our.” Why do some of the younger generations keep bashing “our” candidate? You claim to be Democrats. You used the Democratic party to get Bernie farther than an Independent could have ever gone. Your peers are running for offices as Democrats. Won’t you support them? Trashing Biden is hurting them, too.

So stop bitching and moaning about Joe Biden and how you don’t like him, don’t want him, and especially your complaints about him being old. Bernie is old, too. Don’t be tacky.

Joe has proven he can get things done once he’s in office. Bernie got a few non-controversial bills passed during all his time in the Senate. He says a lot, promises a lot, but frankly, he hasn’t done much of anything,
We boomers weren’t stupid to elect Joe Biden regardless of what you think. We chose the candidate who can realistically beat Trump. Realistically. That’s a good word and something we must be in this country now…realistic. Dreamers are great and lead to our most wonderful advances, but dreamers are just baggage in politics when it come time to look clear-eyed at our demographics…at who actually votes, too.

We’re in a hell of a shape. This is the worst we’ve seen since our kids have been born. This is not just politics as usual. Some of you are even off fighting in Afghanistan for no good reason other than our country is a mess. Many fought in Iraq in the war started by lies and revenge. We don’t want those sorts of things happening to your children, our grandchildren.
Some of you are finding you can’t live, even on two incomes. We know. Millions of us have to help our middle-aged kids survive in the world Trump and the Republicans have built.

You are struggling against higher prices to feed your families and skyrocketing healthcare and pharmaceutical prices. People are worried that their health care or their Social Security is going to end. Something has to be done to keep working families from being at the poverty level. Something has to keep the old and disabled from losing social security, the safety net our own parents and grandparents worked hard to win for our country.

Again, we should have one united mission at this time in our history. We must get rid of Trump and the Republican domination of the Senate and hold our majority in the house. It’s not just for us — it’s for you and your children and their children. We must have changes.

We just can’t have them all at once or when more than half the country is not ready or sure about some of the things you espouse.

There are so many important issues. The last thing we need to be doing is bashing each other in generational disagreements. I thought long and hard about writing this. But decided it needs to be said. This is a time for Democrats to stay unified, and especially in terms of our candidate. Stop trashing him. Like it or not, Joe Biden is our candidate. Can you not accept that? Had you rather keep Trump? Really?

Young people, please get behind our candidate with everything you’ve got because we aren’t going to have much to leave for you if Trump is re-elected. Trump in a second term will be an even worse nightmare than we see now…much worse.

The young have more to lose in this race than we old people do. We are fighting as much, or more, for you, our children and grandchildren, as for ourselves. So why do some of you young writers keep fostering division in the party?

Don’t help Donald Trump win. Don’t weaponize the despicable Republicans. They’ve drawn their lines and taken their positions, and those positions are only for the rich and powerful. They care nothing about the rest of us.

Our most significant reason to get Trump out is for the same young people criticizing the party for making Joe our candidate. We want Trump out for your sakes. We won’t live long enough to endure the worst of the havoc he’s going to continue to cause if he’s left in office. But you will. So, we’re with Biden and hope you will be, too.

Please vote. Only forty-three percent of US citizens 18 to 40 voted in 2016. Make that number bigger. Don’t just vote — get other registered voters to the polls, too. We need you now more than ever.

And by the way, we love you.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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