To the US Senate: Time To Hear the Witnesses

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Let the witnesses testify — otherwise you’re conducting a coverup, pure and simple.

The US Senate has gotten on my last nerve. I’ll tell you one thing, though; if I get indicted for something, I want a trial just like they want to give Trump. Oh, yeah baby. That’s the ticket.

Yep. Just like Trump. I want the prosecutor to make his case about me being guilty of the crimes of which I’m accused. Then I want the prosecution to sit down, shut-up, and not say another word. Nope. Zip it. No more out of the prosecution. Gong! Their time is up.

Then, when the jury has had time to let the shock wear off from what the prosecutor said about me, I want my lawyers — three or four of them — to lay it on deep and high. I want them to say I didn’t do it, and if I did, it wasn’t even a crime. I want them to tell the jury it’s ok, don’t worry, I’m a great person who can do no wrong.

I want them to perform for me like the expensive professional hood-winkers they are. They will lie their tails off for me, and make it convincing.

I want them to show outrage. They should appear angry and wonder aloud why in the world a great person like me should be subjected to these false charges. Why would I be charged with a crime? It wasn’t even a crime if I did it, because I’m allowed to do as I see fit. I’m the grand Pooh-bah, after all.

That should be the end of it just like Trump wants that to be the end of his trial. My lawyers will conclude with a declaration of how wonderful I am and what lowlife scum my accusers are.

Then the jury votes after agreeing that my lawyers made the most impressive argument and after all, they are famous lawyers. They will find me innocent, of course, because they just heard my eloquent, slick, lying lawyers perform their best con. My defense team says this is a waste of time and just a case of sour grapes.

So the jury will then find me not guilty. Of course they will. Not only do they like and remember what my impressive lawyers said, but the lawyers have given them ample excuse to do what they wanted to and find me innocent. Yes, I’m pure and benevolent, a savior. My attorneys will say so. Eloquently. Like Trump’s guys did.

It would be even better if my lawyers had secrets on most of the jurors, or if I was making sure they were getting rewarded for my acquittal. That would clinch the deal. The jurors love what I can do them and fear what I could do them. My innocence would be proclaimed far and wide.

Witnesses? Nah, we don’t need no stinkin’ witnesses. You heard my lawyers. I did not do anything wrong and if I did anything at all, it wasn’t a crime.

Yes, that’s exactly the trial every criminal in the country would want. Who wouldn’t want Trump’s trial and want it just like the GOP senators prefer? No witnesses. Just lawyer ‘splaining.

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. No trial has ever been conducted wherein the attorneys make their opening statements and then the jury votes.

Judges caution jurors that lawyers’ arguments are evidence and proof. I guess Roberts forgot to say that.

In Trump’s trial the arguments of the defense and the prosecution are all that will be heard? That’s a trial? Please. Give us a break.

Trump’s trial shouldn’t be conducted that way and if it is, there is no justice and the , despite what we’ve been told.

The senate needs to stop their excuses and their “believe it because we tell you to” charade and vote to hear the witnesses so a real trial can be conducted, and not in secret.

ABC World News noted that some senators wanted to examine the witnesses in secret. Well, of course they do. It’s a cover-up. They can’t cover up if the dirt comes pouring out in public.

The only possible reason for secrecy would be to attempt to keep the truth from coming out because it proves the case against Trump.

Get on with it, you bunch of sold-out slime balls. Hear the witnesses and then see if you can still pretend or make anyone believe there was no abuse of office or obstruction of Congress. Actually both those crimes are already as clear as the noses on your shifty-eyed faces and became obvious back during the house impeachment process.

He’s guilty, and you know he is. Hear the witnesses and turn his crazy ass out of office before you totally ruin not only your chances of re-election and crash and burn the entire Republican Party, but allow Trump to ruin the country.

Refusing to hear witnesses is political suicide. If you refuse, at least we’ll know your political careers are over and we won’t have to put up with your Trump boot licking sniveling any longer.

Go on, you pompous asses (I’m thinking especially of you, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell) and get this show on the road. Do your duty or the people will do theirs in a spectacular manner in November. Try us.

Throw the Russian asset out of the White House and stop trying to cover up, silence witnesses, and excuse the inexcusable. You act like you think the people are stupid. We are not and the majority of us have had just about enough of your crap. Do your duty or I’m willing to bet you’re going home.

The blue wave will be a tsunami big enough to carry you all home.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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