Tom Cotton is Mad…This Time

US Senator Tom Cotton, Arkansas’ hometown boy, is making an issue of the fact there’s no language in the Covid Stimulus Bill to prohibit imprisoned criminals (who filed taxes) from receiving the $1400 checks. The government will be sending out the stimulus checks to all Americans soon — House Democrats pushed it through.

He’s been yelling like, well, like a stuck pig, in a somewhat comical outrage, considering he voted to approve stimulus measures last March and again in December of 2020, that also contained no language to keep prisoners from getting the checks. Yet he is highly indignant the Democrats are pushing through a stimulus bill that will give who filed taxes a $1400 check. Talk about a hypocrite.

Yep, it’s the truth. Tom happily voted for two stimulus bills under the presidency of Donald Trump. He never made a peep about it…or even seemed to notice it. It was ok when Trump and the Republicans gave out checks that could go to people in prison, even murderers and bombers; even though it’s doubtful many of those guys filed taxes last year.

They’re lawless. That’s why they are in prison. Most of them are also lawless when it comes to filing taxes. Drug dealers, for instance, don’t report their earnings. Neither do terrorists. Crazy lunatics like church and school shooters can’t keep their marbles in sight long enough to do something as mundane as filing taxes and it’s pretty certain they didn’t have real jobs, anyway.

The thing about this — it clearly illustrates Tom is such hypocrite that he’s screaming at the Democrats for doing something the Republicans did twice without a twitch. Under Trump, the Senate and House approved, and Trump signed, two bills that gave . Everyone, no exceptions.

So, yeah, some dastardly prisoners could get a stimulus check. Some slimy politicians could, too. And their buddies in business will benefit, too. Some of our politicians will make out like the bandits they are with stimulus money. Wonder how many relatives and business partners of sitting senators and representatives benefitted from the stimulus money handed out by Trump? Remember all those funds that were “loaned” to businesses so they could (ideally) keep their employees on the payroll? If it were investigated I’d be willing to bet that the biggest part of money went to the buddy system.

It’s doubtful they will…be given their money…

I’m not even sure inmates will actually get the money once it is sent to them. It may be used to pay their fines and expenses, which will benefit public-support jails and prisons. (I don’t even want to get started about private prisons). It is doubtful that it will result in checks being handed to inmates, because there is thankfully a limit on how much money inmates in prisons and jails can have “on their books,” and it’s doubtful they will be given access to their money while they are serving sentences. They are not allowed to have cash. It’s considered contraband and results in more crimes within the lock-up.

On the other hand, there are people in prisons and jails who have made mistakes, but maybe not like most people think. The jails are filled with addicts who need treatment, not jail. People are in prison for long sentences for weed, thanks to the disgraceful “war on drugs.” Jail will never help addicts or the family and society that suffer them. The jails and prisons are also filled with men and women whose families are trying to get by without the dad, mother, sibling, etc., who maybe worked and brought home a check before being arrested. Do we really care if a man who is in jail for weed, petty theft or some other nonviolent crime gets some money to send home to feed his kids? I sure don’t.

But Tom Cotton does. He’s very worried and very outspoken that criminals in jails and prisons can still qualify for a stimulus check. The one the Democrats are sponsoring. Only that one.

Now he’s worried, outraged, and doing that annoying squealing thing again. He didn’t mind at all when he voted, twice, for Trump stimulus bills that allowed the same thing to happen.

Cottonmouth, as some call him in Arkansas, bears watching. He has that lying, deceiving tongue we’ve seen before and should have learned to avoid. He is also learning to be a king of hypocrisy and hyperbole just like his political daddy-idol, Trump. He’d love to follow in disgraceful Donald’s footsteps right to the White House.

If he objects to criminals qualifying to get the stimulus checks, he voted for it to please Trump. There is not denying it was Republicans doing it then, and anything they do is supposedly alright. Because, after all, they oppose abortion and equal rights, and that’s what Republicans care most about — not letting women, or people of color, or foreign nationality get the prizes that they keep only for rich white men.

Tom Cotton isn’t going to get any credit for this stimulus check, because the Democrats made it happen and the Republicans fought it — so he has to find something to yell about since people are pretty happy that President Joe Biden’s administration is getting money to all of us — and Covid shots, too.

Tom aside for a moment, we should notice that neither political party was willing to help us out (we, the people, ya’ know) unless their party would get credit for it — unless they, themselves, would, too. Both parties want to tell the folks back home that they got us the money. Our money, by the way. That’s a fact they always forget to mention, these generous political parties. It’s not really so much our money as ours to repay. Thanks, pols. None of them could pass the same polygraph test police must take to get on most departments.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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