Trump Ditched Any Pretense of Decency During the Debate

He is exactly what he appeared to be; a raving, unwound tyrant.

Photo by Annie Spratt

I just watched in horror, unable to look away, as the president of the United States made a complete and utter fool of himself during the first presidential debate. It would be almost funny, if it wasn’t embarrassing, demoralizing, and terrifying.

He would not renounce white supremacy although the moderator, Chris Wallace, gave him ample opportunity. Instead Trump said Proud Boys, a dangerous white supremacist organization, should “stand by,” whatever that means.

He also urged his supporters to descend upon the polls and watch the voting, although only election officials and voters are allowed in the polling places. It sounded for all the world like he was asking them to disrupt the vote.

He all but promised not to accept the outcome of the election if it doesn’t go his way. He said it could be months until the vote is settled, indicating he has no intentions of vacating the office of the president on January 10.

Despite lying repeatedly, as usual, he also made it crystal clear that he is willing to go to drastic lengths to stay in office.

Moreover, during this horrible and shocking— even for him — diatribe, he was loud, obnoxious, talking over Joe Biden every time it was Biden’s time to speak, talking over the moderator, and generally acting like an unhinged, desperate,and threatened bully.

Biden stayed calm. He attempted to give articulate, well-thought out statements, but it was next to impossible for him to speak over Trump’s caterwauling.

Watching, it was hard to believe it was a presidential debate in the United States of America. Never in my lifetime has a president acted in such an inappropriate and awful way.

Anyone who could watch the debate and still support Donald Trump would have to be someone who condones the US having a carnival barker instead of a leader.

Biden, meanwhile, came across as the statesman he is and managed to mostly ignore Trump’s outbursts with relative good humor and patience most people could not have maintained.

There’s no question Trump acted like a dangerous idiot. His handlers must be wringing their hands.

Donald Trump is now showing us exactly who he is and what he plans to be. We should take heed.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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