Trump Will Make A Circus Of His Impeachment Trial

Photo by Becky Phan

McConnell hopes to avoid a circus. Trump will disappoint him.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this week he doesn’t want Donald Trump’s impeachment trial turning into a “circus.” The US Senate will not hold the trial until after the holidays, McConnell said. It appears the US House of Representatives will almost certainly impeach Trump before Christmas.

McConnell is right to worry about the trial becoming a circus because Trump will try to make it exactly that. When has Trump not played the main clown in any event in which he’s participated? He loves a show. Remember, he’s a reality show star who got a kick out of yelling, “you’re fired.”

The world leaders at NATO were laughing at his clownish behavior a week or so ago. Last year he was televised actually pushing people out of his way as he was trying to get on camera.

He stands before the US and the world and lies so obviously that people burst out laughing — probably to avoid crying. No lie is too big and blatant for him to tell. Any event Donald Trump participates in already has a clown and will most likely become a circus.

Trump is only where he is because of Russian interference in the election, the outdated electoral college, and of the lack of knowledge among his supporters. I’m not going to call them ignorant, but they listen and follow him blindly without attempting to learn the actual facts. They can’t possibly avoid seeing the cracks in his armor, but their defense is to try to deflect attention to someone else. Usually they bring up a Clinton.

Bringing up Hillary’s emails has become particularly ludicrous since it’s been revealed Trump makes calls that should be secure on his cell phone. And he and his appointees use unsecured phones in the middle of restaurants. Hillary Clinton’s emails are no longer even relevant.

His base credits him with saving the economy, but Trump has been riding the wave of President Barack Obama’s success in turning around the economy. Trump has been taking the credit for three years. An ailing economy couldn’t do as well for three years if it hadn’t been healthy and on an upswing in the first place. Obama put it in that condition and started the success, not Trump.

An economy could be changed suddenly through a monstrous crash which Trump — true to republican form — is working toward. He’s idiotically trying to knock it off the safe rails Obama left it on.

Through his poorly advised tax cuts Trump gave money to people and corporations that didn’t need it. They don’t spend money, they horde it, so the economy is only marginally stimulated, if even at all, by tax cuts for the rich. The middle class must be able to purchase what rich folks are pedaling to keep the economy going. The middle class, the real workhorse machinery fueling the economy, got kicked in the teeth by the Trump Administration and the Republican-led Senate. Ironically, many still support him.

“Mr. Trump, I still have a few teeth left so kick me in the mouth again,” say middle-class Trump supporters.

Any frigging idiot knows you can’t hugely cut your income and continue to live the same lavish lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual, a state or a country — it does not, has not, and will never work to cut revenue (income) and increase expenses. Yet that is exactly what Trump is doing, so the deficit is climbing rapidly and there will be a reckoning. No wonder so many of his businesses went bankrupt.

Money trickle down from the rich to the middle class and the poor. The rich keep their money. The poor and middle classes buy what they can. That’s what makes the rich richer. If the poor and middle class can’t afford to buy the stuff the rich produce, guess what happens? The economy fails. Everyone suffers.

Not everyone in the US is even benefiting from or enjoying the robust economy we keep hearing Trump brag about. There’s inflation. Prices for necessities are rising alarmingly. Been grocery shopping recently?

So other than his attempts to take credit for the economy he didn’t build, what has Trump done? He promised he’d built a wall —no matter how ill advised — to make the southern border harder for immigrants to cross. No wall yet, and a court just told him he can’t take money from other funding categories to build the wall as he planned. He promised Mexico would pay for it, too, but that was just another big lie. He said we’d have such good health insurance. What happened to that? All he and the republicans have done is try to take away the insurance and benefits we have. Promises, promises. Nothing but empty promises. Trump hasn’t done anything beneficial.

What he done is cause a rise in hate crimes with his nasty rhetoric, he’s allowed the air to become dirtier and he’s made it easier for big companies to pollute waterways. He’s filled the courts with a bunch of unqualified judges. And he gave us Kavanaugh. We all know about Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. He likes beer. A lot.

Trump has had several press secretaries. All of them have lied for him but none so prolifically as the present. He’s failed to fill important positions within the administration. Often positions he has filled have gone to unqualified people. He’s had more people quit his administration than any other president, and he’s fired more, too. His hiring skills are dismal.

Of course, he tweets. Oh how he tweets. He uses twitter like a scratch pad. He tweets irresponsibly, inadvisably, and often ridiculously, but he tweets. He watches a lot of television. But as far as anything he’s actually done for the country, there’s nothing. No accomplishments. He’s incapable of anything other than regularly making a fool of himself.

He’s done nothing except bluster and crow as if he’s done the greatest things in the world. He’s an incompetent old man who has done only one thing — cause massive damage to the US both at home and abroad. He has done that quite well. So well, in fact, one would think he must work for our enemies. Does he?

Anyway, if he wasn’t such a sleaze bag in his own right, one could almost feel sorry for “Moscow Mitch” McConnell. There’s nothing Trump loves more than a show. He will make the senate chambers the scene of the new greatest show on earth when he goes in there to try to save himself from impeachment.

It’s almost guaranteed that new questions will arise and new information will be revealed — probably by Trump himself if he speaks— that will show leaving him in office is even more dangerous than it now appears.

Although McConnell has said Trump’s trial on the impeachment charges won’t come until after Christmas, they’re probably already gathering the dogs, ponies, lions and bears. It should be an interesting start to 2020, and hopefully a dramatic end to the criminal enterprise being operated out of the White House.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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