USA private citizen, one of the most powerful people on Earth.

Someone who uses this description for himself responded to one of my stories and told me, “It is unwise to infuriate people.”

Was that just advice or a veiled threat? I really can’t tell, but the way things are nowadays it didn’t read just right. It didn’t sit well with me, even if they were just telling me I’m not wise.

And I guess I’m not, because I’ve been infuriating people with what I write for most of my life. I have never let that stop me.

The official who stole public property was infuriated at me for investigating and writing a news story that eventually sent him to jail.

My mother as well as my math teacher were infuriated when I wrote an essay about the teacher not being good at her job. I was in 7th grade and the teacher punished me by assigning an essay as to why I had not been doing my homework. Being a dumb teenager (unwise is a good word, I guess) I chose to write a haughty piece no one but me appreciated. The teacher had my mother come to school to read my essay. The spanking hurt my pride. And the grounding was a drag. But I still say she was a shitty teacher.

Anyway, I’ve done a lot of writing that might be considered unwise. Some was probably downright unsafe. Some has been kind of stupid, actually.

But there was something about this one…it felt wrong. It gave me a chill.

With things the way they are now and what I watched with horror just this month, well…

It’s the first time I’ve ever blocked someone who responded to one of my pieces. But this person has not written anything on Medium and doesn’t give his name. So, I blocked him. Even if his “about” states he is on of the most powerful people on earth. I may have done him wrong and alienated a reader.

“It is unwise to infuriate people.” One line at the end of a response. I found it unsettling. Maybe it’s just the times.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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